Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Knitting Finish

cowl doneI finished the cowl and love it.  And I will say that I will love it even more this winter.  I take our dogs out early every morning and I HATE to get out of a warm bed and then have my neck get cold.  So this is going to get a real workout. 

sock startAnd this is my next knitting project.  Doesn’t look like a sock, does it?  The first thing I am having to learn is how to handle 4 double pointed needles all at the same time.  Believe me this is a talent I do not have so I am having to learn it as a “skill.”  Also these are very small needles and a very small yarn.  There will not be a sock any time soon.  Winking smile

Weave almost doneI did get most of the Weave quilt top done.  I sewed the rows 2 at a time and have all but two to sew onto the rest and it will be ready for quilting.

problemSpeaking of quilting, this is the part of my HQ that I think is the offending tension regulator.  So today, in a last ditch effort to fix it myself, I took it all apart.  I found some sticky stuff between two parts so I cleaned it off, shined up everything, and then put it back together.  But I couldn’t test it because a storm came up with thunder and lightening: I will try tomorrow.

wild lawn hunterAnd I just have to share this.  This is DH in his lawn mowing costume.  We live on 5 acres with lots of trees and bushes.  DH has mown out several trails through the woods and this outfit keeps bugs away from him.  I, however, just laugh when I seen him.  And see, even he is laughing.

And that’s what it’s like around here, just a laugh a minute.


Teresa in Music City said...

Love your cowl Gari!!! It turned out really wonderful - so soft and comfy - it will keep your neck nice and warm! And you will be surprised at how quickly you have a sock - I was! I couldn't help laughing too at your husband's outfit :*D But hey, if it works, who cares what you look like, right?

Wonky Girl said...

Had to comment on your husbands "outfit". Looks like one I used to wear when horseback riding in AL and GA. Even my horse had the netting head cover.

Kate said...

Congratulations on finishing up the cowl. Hope you fixed your tension issue. I hate it when the machine acts up.