Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slow Moving

teapot #12Except for stitching a few weave blocks together, this is the only thing I have gotten done on the quilting front.  This is Teapot #12 from Rhonda.  I don’t have it fused to the foundation yet but that is the easy part.  I still haven’t found the missing teapot so if it doesn’t show up by the beginning of August, I will have to make another so I can begin to plan this wallhanging.  This has been a fun and pretty easy BOM and I have really enjoyed it a lot.

first cableI find it very easy to distract myself from other pursuits with knitting.  I am 11 rows into my cowl and here is my very first cable, ever.  11 more rows and I get to do another: I think there are 3 in this pattern.  I have made lots of mistakes (I either don’t count very well or I can’t follow a pattern) but when it is all done it will keep my neck warm this winter when I take the dogs out early in the morning.  Freezing

Eric & John 7-23-12We had the opportunity to meet DH’s cousin (1st cousin, once removed, I think).  Anyway, we have a very unusual last name so anyone who has it is most certainly closely related.  With several of us on Facebook there has been the opportunity to at least make connections and even to begin to meet the children and grandchildren of the original family that came to the US from Sweden in the early 1900s.  We had a very nice and interesting visit over some great Mexican food with each of the guys filling in blanks in the family history.

It continues to rain daily: we have already had 3.5” of rain since Monday.  Where some summers we have crunchy grass, this year we have squishy mud.  It is lots of fun to check the Weather Bug before deciding we can take the dogs out.  But we are enjoying the brilliant shades of green all around us.

DH is going to be out of town again this weekend so I will either get a lot of sewing/quilting done or I will catch up on a lot of reading and knitting.  The puppies are voting for the latter.  Flirt male


jonni said...

reading anything good lately?

Kate said...

Love the teapot! Have a nice weekend no matter which hobby you work on