Monday, July 22, 2013

Havin’ Fun in the Rainy South

I went out to get the mail Saturday evening and was greeted by this.  Isn’t that beautiful?  God’s promise all over the sky!

weekend rainAnd this is the reason for a reminder of that promise.  We had 2.5” of rain this weekend, added to the 4” we got last weekend and the 1.5” we got during the week.  We get a little bit of sunshine and everyone is out mowing their yards because the grass is growing like crazy.

6 rows sewnNow, my plan for this weekend was to get a lot of quilting done but I am still having thread breakage problems and didn’t get anything done on that front.  I did get 6 rows sewn on the weave quilt.

row 7 startedAnd have started on the 7th.  I really want to get this done this week so I can move on to other things.

first slippersBut I have been bitten by the knitting bug.  These are the first things I tried and had some success.  They are not beautiful but at least you can see they are slippers.

first hatNext I decided to learn how to do circular knitting.  This is my first hat.  I couldn’t find a really simple pattern so I used parts of three and wound up with a “hat”  Cool, huh?

next project startedSo I have started on a third project.  This is going to be a cowl with cables.  As you can see, this knitting thing has taken up a great deal of my time.

green thumbI did take a little time to work on my new green thumb.  The planter is a “plant shop” and I have had it for years but never did anything with it.  Now it is on the deck with these very healthy plants growing wildly and happily. 

book timeAnd then, in my spare time, I have been reading.  I love murder mysteries and DH is really good at supplying them for me.  The funny thing is that this time I would stop reading to do some knitting.  I am really afraid that this knitting thing may take over my crafting time.

So, what will I be doing this week?  Well, I will be sewing, cleaning, and KNITTING.  Who would have thunk it?

Have a great week,  Gari


Judy D in WA said...

Great rainbow picture! The weave quilt looks great. Sewing, quilting, reading, knitting....and then the cleaning when it can get squeezed in. :)

Rhonda said...

Awesome rainbow!! That book looks very interesting...... ;-]

Bonnie said...

Wait, don't you live in the far south? Like where winters don't do major snow and cold? And here you are knitting up cowls and slippers and hats? I like doing socks but honestly I can't wear them often as my feet start sweating. But I like your progress. Maybe you should work up to one of those beautiful lacy shawls? Don't you hate it when the thread gives you grief on the long arm? Maybe everything needs to be rethreaded and given encouraging words? I love a good book too which frequently gets me behind on other things!

QuiltSwissy said...

I knit my first pair of socks last week! It was so exciting. I think I will wear them every day and stick out my foot and say I MADE THESE SOCKS to everyone I see!!!!!

Mary said...

We are so tempted by all kinds of projects as crafting people in this techno world. I get tempted by Design Wall Monday every week.

Lori said...

There is nothing better than rain and rainbows to cheer you up. Everything is clean and washed and green. We've been dry--but last week we got 4.5" (DH was cheering--our corn and soybeans will grow like crazy now) and while we were gone this weekend we got another inch. I'm able to avoid the knitting bug--but I love to see what everyone else is making.

Joie said...

We had 2.5" in Pelham, AL today! We have certainly had an unusual summer this year. Love it.

Kate said...

We got some of that rain too. We do not usually get any rain in July, making up for the last few years of drought I guess.

Roslyn said...

I heard from family that Phx area is getting some activity in our absence & we have had two rainy days here in Boston. So yesterday at the beach we had a rainbow, they never cease to amaze me.