Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ever Onward

Part 2 piecesHere are half of the pieces for Step 2 of Celtic Solstice.  I decided I would do some of each step, just like Bonnie suggested, so I cut about half of what I eventually will need.

Part 2 doneThen I sewed some these units together.  Would you believe that there are 7 seams to each one of these 3 1/2” units?  And 5 trips to the ironing board.

Part 2 mistakeAnd, of course, there is the necessary sewing mistake that I must do for every project I start.  I couldn’t believe it when I opened up this unit and saw that even though it was perfectly sewn it was wrong and had to be “unsewn” and done right.

Now the funny part.  With all the sewing I got done I only completed 10 units so I only have 90 more to go.  AND, Bonnie released Step 3 Friday.  But I won’t be starting it until the rulers I ordered arrive.  Maybe this will give me some time to catch up on Steps 1 & 2………maybe.

Drosselmeyer 2Today was the last performance of the Nutcracker in our town.  And here is DH who has played Drosselmeyer for over 30 years.  Even though he has been a teacher for 45 years and has put on numerous musicals and plays, he says that this part is his claim to fame.

DroselmierAnd he came home from this performance with this nutcracker, a gift from the director and owner of the Andalusia Ballet.  I think this is just stunning and I must say that DH is very proud of it, kind of like his Oscar.

Ready to bloomMy contribution to our Christmas directions is my wonderful cactus.  It is almost bursting with buds and soon will be covered with flowers and Christmas will be here.

But before that happens there will be sewing and knitting (socks are still being worked on).  That’s what I will be doing.  So everybody, have a great week.    Gari


Debbie said...

I'm catching up today on blog reading...loved the photo on the header with Santa! How wonderful that your husband has this great nutcracker tradition...and I think the prize he was given is perfect too!

Jessica said...

Love the nutcracker! Almost makes me want to come to Andalusia just for some pecans...

Penny said...

Gari, I love your header! Thank you for sharing such great things.

Bonnie said...

Slow and easy on Celtic Solstice works just as well as fast and furious. Love the nutcracker especially as his Oscar. And your Christmas Cactus looks great. Mine has been blooming too. It may be done before Christmas though.

Kate said...

Your Guy looks to be having a grand time. Love the idea of the nutcracker as his Oscar!

I'm OK on CS except for the pinwheels, those blocks are taking forever!