Saturday, December 21, 2013

On the Needles


This is what I am currently knitting, another pair of socks.  I keep looking at sweaters and hats but I keep starting new socks.  This, actually, is the second of the pair.  The first sock is finished except for stitching up the toe.  For that I have to have really good light and quiet as I tend to get lost in the stitching plan.

I did, however, finish my “Christmas” socks.  They haven’t been blocked yet but are on the blocking thingies, ready for water.  They have sparkles in the yarn and are quite festive. 

It has been Spring/Fall-like here so there have been several days when the dogs and I have spent time sitting on the deck, me knitting and them running and barking at nonexistent animals in the woods surrounding our home.  It has not been a good time for being indoors, sewing.  Oh, well.  In love

005 - CopyMany years ago I did machine knitting, and loved it.  These are two of the 26 socks I knit for us and family.  Each sock was designed, by me, for each individual so they were all different.  I loved doing it, it took FOREVER, and I was really sick of Christmas socks by the time I was done.  But I can tell you that I was very proud of my accomplishment that year.  Sometimes I miss my knitting machine…….


jonni said...
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jonni said...

Our lovely Christmas socks are hung by the mantel with care and we think of you when we pull them out each Christmas.

Kate said...

Fun stockings! If you can be outside you should. It's below freezing here after being in the 60's last week. I prefer the 60's.