Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Learning Fun

I said I would share the information about Dianne Springer, the speaker at the workshop I attended last weekend.

Here is her book and isn't the cover colorful?  Dianne really likes color and uses bright fabric not only for quilts but on almost everything else.

Here are two pages that show just some of the items she has covered with fabric.

This is one of the first things I would like to make, a mailbox cover.  I haven't read the directions yet but I really want to see this out on our country road.

And this is the other non-quilt quilt I want to make.  Dianne did go into how she made hers so now all I need is the fabric she used as the base (info in the book) and a big enough space to lay it all out.  I would love to see a runner like this on the kitchen floor, it would sure brighten the place up.

I have spent every day this week learning about my new sewing/embroidery machine.  I spent most of Monday just unpacking all of the pieces to the machine and identifying most of them.  What I can't identify I put on a list so I can find out when I go for my official machine lesson.


And then today I practiced with the embroidery module.  Even though I have had previous models of Babylock machines, this one is quite different and fancy.
One of the very fancy things is that there is a camera located just above the needle plate.  Why is this important?  Well it will show a green cross-hair that shows exactly where the needle will fall.  This may not seem important but when one needs to match up a stitch it is very important.
One of the things I will be learning tomorrow is the tablet that hooks up to the machine so I can edit embroidery design while they are in the machine.  Another thing I need to learn is how to use the two foot pedals.  Yes, I said two.  They are attached to each other and somehow they can be programed to do some of the work of the machine's buttons. 
Later this week I will finally get around to installing the new programs and I need to load DH's Boots quilt.  Seems like I am falling behind with my BOMs, too.  I guess I better stop playing with my new toy and get busy ........ after tomorrow.

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Kate said...

Sounds like a fun class. Have fun playing with your new machine!