Sunday, April 20, 2014

Little Done, Lots Planned

This is as close to a design wall as I have gotten this week.  I put these three mug rugs on the HQ and have them mostly quilted.  I stopped a couple of days ago because I began suffering from thread breakage and since I couldn't immediately figure out how to correct the problem.  I'll work on that this week.

I have quite enjoyed making these "NO COFFEE!"  rugs but I am ready to move on to other things.

 I was going to take them to show at the next guild meeting but then I thought, "what would I do if they wanted me to make some for the quilt show in November?"  So I think I will just pack them up and keep quiet about them.

Sunday I finally got my new baby settled in the studio and even played with it, a little.  I spent some time going over some of the things I learned in my lesson last Thursday and was really pleased that I remembered as much as I did.  

And even though I have said that I am cutting back on my knitting time, I have started a sweater.  This cardigan has only one closure and I as it is knit from the top down, I have already made the button hole.  So far I have been able to follow the pattern but as you can see I still have a long way to go.

When I finish the mug rugs I am ready to load and quilt the boots quilt for DH.  I also need to make several quilt labels (I usually do them with machine embroidery).  I have 3 BOMs to do this week in order to be caught up.

I also have a little computer problem.  Every day or two I can't connect to the internet because the driver that makes that happen disappears.  I have had to recover it over and over but can't seem to figure out how to stop it from happening.  So sometime this week I hope to be able to contact Microsoft and see if they can help me.

Wow, that all sounds a little daunting, doesn't it?  Oh, well, I'll just get done what I can and what ever doesn't get done I'll assign it to next week.

I'll be linking up with Patchwork Times on Monday: if you pop on over there you will get to see some beautiful work.  Have a great week,  Gari


Sue Daurio said...

those mug rugs are soooooo cute! yep if i was able to touch one of those babies, I'd have to get one for myself :)

Judy D in WA said...

Love those mug rugs!
Lady Kina! Such a fun knit. I'm on the last few rows. After the sleeve part is finished, it will go really fast.

Kathie said...

Love the mug rugs, a friend made me a snowman one for Christmas and I love it. You sure have a lot of projects in the works!!

Bonnie said...

Lots of eye candy. Cute mug rugs. How do you plan on finishing the edges or are they done? I love a sweater that you knit from the top down -- no seams. And, no cables, no designs to add. That is why I have 2, not 1 but 2 unfinished sweaters hanging around. One has a big poinsettia on it and the other has a ton of bobbles to knit. Yuck. Too much thinking!

Roslyn said...

I love the "no coffee" mug rugs can you tell us where you got the pattern Gari?

Roslyn said...

I love the "no coffee" mug rugs can you tell us where you got the pattern Gari?

Kate said...

Fun mug rugs!