Sunday, November 2, 2014


sewnMy design wall does not change much these days but I am beginning to sew my blocks together.  By this time next week I hope to have several more together and maybe even a flimsy.

moving stuffI spent several days moving furniture out of this area while I prepared to move 3 white bookshelves in.

bookcase through the doorwayThen I emptied a bookshelf in the room next door and began moving it into the cutting and knitting room.  You may notice that there is not a lot of wiggle room to slide this piece of furniture through.

narrow passageAnd the space didn’t get any bigger as we moved along.  I should explain that I had by this time moved all my fabric stash out of the former storage areas so it was filling the cutting table, a couple of laundry baskets, and an executive office chair …… with some overflowing.

started filling-tabel half cleared  I finally got that shelving unit in place while DH built two more new sets and all three were finally in the room on Friday.  The began the task of putting the fabric on the shelves.  You may be able to see that I have uncovered almost half of the cutting table.

so farAnd I am slowly filling up all the space.  I put all the batiks in the first section.  Oh, my,they almost glow.  The rest are being filled with quilter’s cotton.  Every time I move from room to room I try to carry a small pile of fabric. 

At the rate I am going I should have it all on the shelves by 2015,  that is if Bonnie Hunter’s mystery doesn’t take up all my time in December.  Winking smile  But really, I still have about 5 shelves worth of fabric still sitting in the other room, waiting for me to make bunches of trips so I guess I better get busy. 

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Wilma NC said...

Those shelves are great!! I finally got my sewing room the way I want it, and now decided I need new carpeting in there. That will be great fun, lol.

Libby in TN said...

Organization facilitates production, don't you think? Looking good!

Ramona said...

To be able to see your stash and have easy access to it is heaven! Enjoy the process. :)

Bonnie said...

Nothing wrong with slow and steady. I love my fabric on open shelves -- so much easier to see what I have. Now when I buy more than a 1/2 yard I also pin a note to the fab with the amount of fabric. Sometimes I add the date acquired and where it came from. I started doing the amount when I got tired of unfolding it to figure out if I had a yard or what ever I needed. Much easier to measure at the beginning. Then, if I use some I rewrite the amount.

LA Paylor said...

oh it's so satisfying to redo a studio. Messy while you do it, but then you know where stuff is, and the white shelves all help it to look tidy. I love to see into people's studios.
LeeAnna at not afraid of color

Dayquilt said...

I love having open shelves - being able to see your fabric is so inspiring! I would suggest getting a couple of extra shelves for each unit though, fabric is very heavy!! And the less you have to pick up to get to the piece on the bottom, the better.

Jessica said...

The shelves look great! And I love the quilt you're working on. So pretty!!!

Kate said...

You made a lot of progress. It will be nice to have all your fabric where you can see it.

pollyanna said...

Amazing work! And maybe 2015...but then again ;) I love those shelves. So easy to see what you have. My stash is in two big drawers. I have to sort a bit at times.