Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lots of Needles

still in partsThis is a picture of my temporary failure.  I have been unable to figure out how to mattress stitch the sleeves onto the body of the sweater I had hoped to have done by the end of October.  I have tried several times but pulled the yarn out when the sides didn’t come together right.

I am now on a hunt for a good video that will show how to attach the sleeves for an almost seamless seam.  Know of one?

new sweater startedMeanwhile I have started a new sweater. It’s a free pattern from from Lion Brand Yarns and called a Cropped Raglan Sweater.  I saw it in a video tutorial by  This is a top down sweater with the sleeves built in.  Like Staci and Very Pink Knits, I plan to lengthen the body and sleeves, crop tops do not look good on me.

yarn label This is the yarn I am using.  I bought it last summer and wound all the balls today so I am ready to get this one completed. I hope! 

On Monday I will be sharing what I have been doing other than knitting, and it isn’t even quilting.  But I have been busy and I have been using my time wisely. 

Meanwhile I am linking with Judy’s On the Needles post on Friday.  And after you check out the creations linked to her post, have a great weekend!  Gari


Jasper's Cottage said...

That yarn is a beautiful color! I guess you'll be on the hunt for patterns with built-in sleeves for now. :-)

Can't wait to hear what you've been doing with your time.

Cheryl M. said...

I thought about doing that pattern after Staci showed it. Will be watching to see how you like it. I have found Staci's video helpful, but another one is on the website, she has one that is for seaming sleeves. Good luck

Anonymous said...

There's a seaming handknits class with Chris Blysma on Craftsy. I'm not sure if it includes the specific seaming you need - but it shows lots of different type seams, stockinette seaming versus ribbed, etc. I've only watched so far the sections I needed to seam the sweater I had made - but it is an excellent class and my sweater seams are nearly invisible.

Suzanne said...

I look forward to seeing the lengthened crop sweather. I have to lengthen most sweaters too.

Judy S. said...

You've got some nice projects going there! Have you checked with your LYS? There's nothing quite as helpful as someone walking you through something like the mattress stitch the first time you try it!

Teresa in Music City said...

Love your yarn Gari! Can't wait to see your sweater as it comes together. Glad Denise at JustQuiltin was able to help you find a video for seaming. I'll have to check that out too :) Crop tops don't look good on me either!

Bonnie said...

Sorry have no idea what a mattress stitch is! I'm sure you will find out how to do it. Make sure you show it when done.