Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stitchin' In The Studio

And on the design wall is Block 2 of Fat Cat Pattern's 2015 BOM.  It is a little wrinkled because I was quickly tearing the stabilizer away so I could get it on the wall.
The close-up shows most of the stitches.  Again mostly I used the button hole stitch and a smaller, similar stitch on the hearts.  And I did try a new stitch on the arm icing but it didn't have a name, at least on my machine.

Yesterday I went to buy some fusible from my machine dealer and found that she is no longer carrying it.  She said that this is a new product by Babylock and everyone who uses it likes it.  So I bought 5 rolls because I use a lot and I wanted to start a new project.
And then I came home and began using it.  So far all I have done is draw on it and cut the pieces out.  I did also pick a couple of the fabrics but that's as far as I got.  I have to keep this a secret as it is a gift but as soon as I get it done and given I will share it.  

This past week saw my new cart come home.  Currently it is residing in the living room as I have not yet moved the furniture around to make room for it in the bedroom.

In the meantime I have been bringing some of my quilts out to see them stored on it.  Each night I have been sleeping under one and then putting it on the cart.  Pretty soon I will run out of quilts since I have given more away than I have kept.  But now I can see I need to make more, and more, and more. ;-)
And here is the crowning day of last week,  a visit from two of our  great grandchildren: Scarlett and Skylar.  They were here on a short visit from North Carolina and now are back home. 
Sometimes I am amazed that we have been married for 54 years, have 4 children, all over the age of 46, have 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  All of this coming out of a college romance.
As usual I will be linking with Patchwork Times and What a Hoot.  And after I check them out I will be back at work in the studio.  Have a great week.   Gari


loulee said...

Your Gingies are looking good. I really should try out some of the different stitches on my appliqué project.

LynCC said...

Love the gingerbread men. :) And the idea of sleeping under a new quilt each night before putting it on the cart! So - what is that new fusible stuff like? Is just one side papered?

pollyanna said...

Still love those gingerbread people :) And your cart! It looks amazing!

Maartje Quilt said...

You are very lucky with such a family. My schoolromance left me after a long marriage and I am happy now, but I miss enjoying a past and a family together.
Love to see all your beautiful quilts on that beautiful cart.
Love from Amsterdam

Kate said...

Love your ginger-people.

Congrats on 54 years of staying young in heart together.

Roslyn said...

Love your cart what a unique idea for storing quilts Gari!