Friday, February 27, 2015

Knitting and Other Stuff

These socks have been kind of ignored while I worked on others.  But having completed the soft gray pair, these have been pulled out of the bag and now are my "house" knitting project.  I like a long toe section so it takes a little longer to move on to the foot part but now I am on a roll.

And I am still working on these.  These are my "studio" socks.  I have started a k2 sl1 pattern on the foot which is just starting to show up.  The yarn is so interesting that I decided I didn't need a fancy stitch pattern to compete with it.  When I have these two pair done I plan to just have one pair of socks going and to find a couple of summer weight sweater patterns, probably learning to do lace.

A lot of years ago I made a pillow for my mother.  It had pictures of myself and my sister when we were children, my children as children, and all of the grandchildren (7).  Then about 6 years ago I sent her a mini pillow of her first great great grandchild.  Well, a few weeks she told me I had fallen behind, that 4 more children had been added to the family and no mini pillows had been made.
So I began hunting up pictures of said children, printing them on fabric, and stitching pillows.
And yesterday I got them done.  Meet Scarlett, Ryder, Gus, and Elsa.  Scarlett and Ryder and her great great grandchildren,  Gus and Elsa are great grandchildren you have been seeing on my header.  As I was bringing them in from the studio I got to thinking that I might like a set of these for our house, maybe hanging on a tree.  Hummmmmmm.

This Christmas cactus did very little blooming during the normal blooming season.  But yesterday morning I saw this bud and got really excited that we were going to have a little color there.

Then in the afternoon I found a second bud.  I don't know why we are getting flowering at this time of the year but I'll take it. 
I recently found a Facebook page called Addicted to Socks that has my head spinning with new to me ideas.  But for now it is time to check out other knitter's work on Patchwork Times.  And then have a great weekend.   Gari


swooze said...

Cute pillow idea! Mommas keep us on our toes don't they?

Judy S. said...

You've been busy! Nice projects, too.

Ramona said...

I love your orange socks! The pillows are adorable and what a great idea!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Most of my cacti bloom at least twice in the winter. I have 3 in bloom now and buds on 2 more.

Dar said...

Your orange socks look wonderful. It looks like the yarn on the second pair will make a beautiful design with the simple stitch pattern you are using. I would love to find some yarn that does that. Your little mini pillows are such a clever idea.

Kate said...

Love your bright socks.