Friday, May 22, 2015

Fun With Needles

During the last two weeks I completed two pair of socks.  But to save time and space, I decided to only show one of each pair.  The yellow/orange pair are done with an irregular pin stripe. I really like how these irregular stripes look.  The black/white socks are knit with a Monkey pattern but it is impossible to see it due to the variegated yarn.  That's really OK since I made a lot of mistakes and they don't show either.

I am really excited about my tunic.  As you can see I have the front and back finished and am ready to start the collar.  I have everything ready to start knitting in the round but have discovered that the 40" cord is too long to bring both sides together.  I know I have size 7 needles with a 32" cord but can't find it anywhere.  In fact I can't find another set of size 7 needles at all.  So, for the time being we are at a complete stand still.

Meanwhile I am plugging along with these new socks.  I am doing a pinstripe, very easy and once again I really like the look.  I consider doing fancier patterns but then I remember that no one will see anything but a small part of the sock so why do something fancy that won't be seen.  I love knitting but I think I will hold off on fancy stitches until I want to make fancy sweater or something.

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Kate said...

Lots of pretty yarns in those socks. Even if you don't see the socks, practicing fancy stitches on socks sounds like a good way to practice a stitch before you try to make something more visible.