Thursday, May 28, 2015

Works in Process

Yippee, I am almost done with my tunic.  When I started it I hoped to have it done before Fall but now it should be done before Summer officially is started.  I have about 6 - 8 rows left to do on the collar, the bunched up part at the top and then I will be sewing up the seams. This has been so easy and fun.

These are my light purple heather socks.  I have about 1.5" more done than shows in this picture and am about to be ready to start the heel: I will be doing the FLK heel.

And here are the socks I just started this week. The color of the yarn is a dark purple heather.  Boy is it hard to see the stitches.  I plan to do a slip stitch pattern and am just hoping that I will be able to see them.

I was very happy when I finally got this embroidery done.  This is called "Owls on a Branch" by Urban Threads.  I do want to put one owl on the front of this shirt but haven't chosen one as yet.

Here in South Alabama we have been having rain.  On the day this picture was taken we got 4.5" in 2 hours:  that is the most we have had on any one day.  And we are very lucky in that it is all absorbed by the next day.  However, on the day it was raining it looked like we had waterfront property.

However, you can see that Sadie was not impressed at all by all that water.

And the puppies were also not impressed either.  This is how I start my day, with puppy play time.  What fun we have.

I will be linking with Patchwork Times.  And now, I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Gari


sklinn62 said...

Can't wait to see your finished tunic

Kate said...

It has been a rainy May. I guess places are making up for 4 years of drought, so we got all that missing water in one month.

Your tunic is looking great. Your purple socks are so fun.

Ramona said...

I'm excited to see your finished tunic, too. And your sock yarn is gorgeous. The rain makes for more knitting time!

iwan wan said...
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