Thursday, May 7, 2015

Almost Done, Etc.

My tunic is coming along nicely.  I am at the point of starting the bind off for the arm holes.  I am knitting both the front and the back at the same time so after  the bind offs I will be knitting another 10".  At that time I am told I will be joining the shoulder stitches and beginning the collar, knit in the round.  I love the colors and it is such an easy knit.

And here we are, almost done.  I have only to do a stretchy bind off and they will be ready for me to wear ........ later this fall.  I was going to do the bind off prior to writing this but found I needed to watch the video again and didn't have time tonight, so tomorrow I will get these out of the way.

And to show that old dogs can learn new tricks, here are my second FLKs and I did it without even having to watch the videos.  These should be done soon and I will have two finishes for this month which begins to make up for no finish last month.

This week begins a two week vacation for DH.  He made a very long list of "to do" things so it will be fun to see how well he does on his list.  I have to say that since I have become somewhat disabled he has taken over almost all of my household duties so he is very busy even before he made his list.  I am so very grateful to him for pitching in and taking over the load without a whimper [at least I haven't heard one,  ;-) ].

I joined a sock of the month club and received my first kit.  It is for cuff down socks (I really like toe up) and full length (I like anklet).  And the yarn came in a skein that needs winding and I don't have a swift.  I am not sure what I am  going to do: rise to the challenge or quit the club.  Decisions, decisions. 

I hope everyone who reads this has a productive week and visits Patchwork times to see what other knitters are up to.  Gari


Ramona said...

All of your projects are lovely. The sweater is going to be beautiful! I hadn't heard of a sock of the month club. Hopefully you at least like the yarn.

sklinn62 said...

I am about to knit my first fish lips kiss heels. I think I need to watch the video a few more times.

Kate said...

I love those orange and yellow socks, they will be prefect for the fall. Your tunic is coming along beautifully, that will be another great piece for autumn.

Have a happy Mother's Day.