Saturday, September 26, 2015

Family, Progress, and Fun

Lookie, lookie, I finally figured out how to get pictures back on my blog.  It seems that Google/Blogger is not playing well with Microsoft Edge which comes with Windows 10 so I had to add Google Chrome so I could access my photos.  

Anyway, this is one picture of part of our family (see list of names and associations on the last post) after we had finished a great breakfast together.  I am the one sitting.  And this was taken prior to my last surgery.

And this is the other part of the family that was here the day before.  I am the head of hair in the lower right corner.  It truly was a fun filled weekend.

Last weekend our oldest son and his wife were here from Atlanta but we didn't take any pictures.  I had finally begun to feel somewhat steady on my new hip so we took off for breakfast at my favorite fast food place, Whataburger, and then to staples to buy a day planner.  I was beginning to loose track of when different people were coming and decided I needed a place to write it all down.  Between all the home health people and four doctors who want to see me I am a very busy lady.

But guess what! Last Wednesday no one was scheduled to come.  Eric and I looked at one another and decided it was time for us to visit Pensacola.  We ate at a favorite place and then went shoe shopping.  And we did very well for ourselves.

Funny, I didn't get a picture of the 3 pair Eric got for himself.  What I did learn is that 3 hours in the car and both of us were stiff in the joints.  I guess we are out of travel condition (and of course we are getting older).

And last but not least, I spent 4 hours in the studio yesterday.

I had already gotten the appliques on the background but hadn't stitched them down. Now this one is complete.  Unfortunately I am 5 months behind on the two BOMs I was working on and hadn't even started on the new one I for sure want to do.  But I did feel productive so I guess I will be in the studio again this weekend.

And when it came time for a rest I could be found on the deck with our wonderful animals.

Have a great weekend everybody, I know I will.  Gari


barbara woods said...

i have windows 10 doesn't want to work on mine. Somedays if i didn't have firefox and google chrome i couldn't use it at all. do you have this problem? i live in Ga.

Kate said...

Looks like you've had lots of family fun recently. Good to see you got some time in the sewing room. Hopefully you'll get more caught up soon.

Shelley said...

Yay, glad you got to spend some time in the studio. Let us know when you have some room in your day planner for us, either here or there!

Bonnie said...

Yea to see you are back in blog land. I've been neglecting reading blogs recently but will go back and read what you've been up to. A new hip is great. Several of my friends have gotten one or two and have done very well with them. Yea for studio time too.

pollyanna said...

Yay you got some time in the studio! This is great progress, Gari :) Family pictures are marvelous.