Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Fun Continues

This area is supposed to contain a picture of the people mentioned in the first paragraph.  I am VERY unhappy with Blogger, which has got to hell since Google took over, as I have been unable to upload any pictures.  But I am leaving the picture information just because I want the family names to be here.

This is not the whole family of visitors we had last weekend but it is a good representation.  I got to be the one sitting down and I am joined by my daughter (Lisa), husband (Eric), son (Todd and Lisa’s twin), grandson (Gus), granddaughter in law (Paige), and grandson (Jamie).  Missing was our son in law (Gary the picture taker), daughter in law (Jessica resting in the car), granddaughter (Elsa confined in the car), grandson (Chris who went home Saturday), granddaughter in law (Michelle who went home with her husband), and great grandson (Ryder who was carried off by his parents).

The party started around noon on Saturday.  I had planned to greet everyone out on the deck but the humidity went up and I went in.  So I greeted them from my hospital bed in the living room.  The nice thing about our family is that they are VERY social so the conversation never lagged and I did not have to keep things going.

Our dogs (three doxies) are not used to a lot of people.  The oldest, who is afraid of strangers and loud noises, spent the day leaning against my husband but she really did alright.  The other two quickly warmed up to the two youngest crawlers.  It was having those babies down on the floor with them.  And, boy the kissing that went on.

The one thing the dogs did not get to join in on was the food.  Our daughter planned the menu and brought all the food.  And our son in law is a great cook.  He brought his grill, set it up under one of our younger oak trees and proceeded to grill steak, shrimp and quail.  We then proceeded to eat, talk, and laugh. Quite a raucous group: it’s a good thing we live out in the country.

On Sunday the group in the picture above met for breakfast.  This is a place by the side of the road where we had never eaten but we will go back.  I haven’t had any appetite for a few months but on this Sunday morning I wanted 2 eggs over easy, hashbrowns, bacon, toast and coffee.  I could only eat half but I toted it home and had it the next day: good the second time around.  Then after breakfast the group broke up and started heading home.  I was still running on a pacemaker high so Eric and I drove 56 miles away so we could eat at my favorite hamburger place, Whataburger, get coffee and a donut at Dunkin, and then good grocery shopping at Publix.  Then it was time to go home and crash.

Health Update:  Tuesday I showed up at 7am to get ready for hip replacement surgery.  I hadn’t slept much the night before so I think I was asleep before they gave me the anesthetic.  I am told that the operation took about 4 hours.  I, again, didn’t have any pain while lying in bed.  However, standing on my poor, cut up leg was a different matter.  I resorted to pain management.  Initially I had Demerol IM but was told that no one was going to come to the house every time I wanted to get up so I better use the pills.  While in the hospital I saw a physical therapist twice a day: interestingly I took a pain pill twice a day.  He gave me leg exercises, walked with me a little and then had me sit in a chair for 30-60 minutes.  On Friday, while I was getting ready for discharge, he told me some of the exercises I could expect to be given when I start physical therapy at home.  I really do plan to try to cooperate with this as I am wanting to get back to quilting as soon as possible.

Today the home health nurse came and we reviewed my needs.  She will be coming twice a week, the aid will be coming twice a week and the physical therapist will come at least twice as week.  This is more of a social life than I am used to. But there was one really funny thing.  She asked to see my medications and I told her to pull open the drawer where I keep them.  The drawer was empty.  I got into my walker and we looked everywhere.  Eric was out so I called him but he didn’t know.  The nurse said she had pulled every drawer open and didn’t see them.  However, when we checked again we found them in the wrong drawer.  I was very glad to see those bottles and find they were not in the hands of others.

Now I hope we will settle down to a more normal schedule.  I think we may have company again next weekend, out oldest son lives in Atlanta and feels the need to come check on us.  It really has been nice to see more of them all, I hope it continues.  Gari


Judy D in WA said...

It sounds like hip replacement surgery was a huge success. Now take care of yourself and follow orders. Physical therapy should be called hard work! Please know I think of you daily. Sending healing hugs and good wishes to get back to quilting soon!

Kate said...

It's always good to get the whole family together. Hopefully you are recovering well from the hip replacement surgery. Take care.

Helen Keyes said...

Interesting family party. I’m glad to know you enjoy the funny weekend with your big family. Best wishes for you.

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Roslyn said...

argh I hate it when Blogger doesn't work. Do you have the Ap? that's the only way it works on my iPad.