Monday, November 9, 2015

Birthday Month: Part 1r

In my family we/I celebrate Birthday Month.  It is only for November babies and primarily for female family members.  In fact I started it for me and then over time others have joined me.  Over the years it has resulted in some extra small birthday gifts and it has been a fun game.  This year however has been quite different.  So far I have gotten a gift from my husband every day: 

Nov 1 – IMG_0215
We love calendars and I love owls so here I am already ready with my bedroom calendar way before the new year.

Nov 2- IMG_0217
And then I was gifted with a pound cake, my favorite.  I have been sharing but mostly because hubby cuts the cake for me and somehow winds up with a piece for himself.

Nov 3 - IMG_0218
This, despite the size here, is a small calendar which will replace the in in the bathroom.  I almost could use the 2015 one since it didn’t get changed from May until October when I finally felt well enough to get around the house.  But I am sure the 2016 one will be more accurate.

Nov 4 – img_0230_22482338788_o
This is a miniature violin that represents a family joke.  My sister will be laughing when she sees this and I hope my mother will also.

Nov 5 – img_0232_22905688865_o
My husband knows that I love old murder mysteries.  One year I got all the old Charlie Chan movies which we watch all throughout the year, every year.  And now we can add the best of Sherlock Holmes.  Yippy!!   

Nov 6 - IMG_0221
This is an Auburn pillowcase on my down pillow.  It gets a bigger picture because 1: I am an AU graduate and 2: AU won its football game Saturday and that is a real accomplishment this year, and 3: I am an AU fan no matter how the football team does on the field.

Nov 7- 22468553139_f683762ec6_o
This is actually a bracelet with a saying I had come to live by several years ago.  It has especially become true this past summer as my physical health became our primary concern.

Nov 8 – img_0231_22887244012_o
On this day I got this burlap bag.  Eric is always encouraging me to continue with my creative projects.  And I need help in carting them from one place to another.

Nov 9 – img_0229_22482321348_o
Imagine my surprise today when Eric presented this to me while I was still in bed.  I was not sure what he was trying to tell me.  Smile with tongue out

The first couple of days I was surprised but after a while I started looking forward to what would come next.  This has become a very fun game and I am enjoying it immensely.  Also, I am a very lucky lady in that even after almost 55 years of marriage, 4 children, first at home with us and then moving away to start their own lives and families, my husband loves me and has never been afraid to show me how much.

Health Update:  As of today I am no longer receiving any services from Home Health.  I am doing well on the extra strong drug I am taking and am feeling fine.  There is no question that I have a serious condition but it is not stopping me from enjoying my life. 
Have a great week everybody,  Gari

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Kate said...

How fun! Sounds like your birthday celebration got off to a great start. Hope you have a very happy birthday.