Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Birthday Month Part 2

11-10-15To continue:  Nov 10 – This t-shirt night shirt really had me laughing.  We are currently owned by 3 doxies and have had doxies for many years. I know I will wear this shirt out.

11-11-15Nov 11 – When I first found these candies they were called Dutch Mints and I fell in love with them.  They have become very hard to find but now we can get them online. This is a pretty large bag of them and will take me awhile to eat: I don’t share them easily.  Angry smile

11-11-15Nov 12 – I don’t know why Eric got me this shirt, I am the most soft spoken and sweet person he has ever met.  Well, maybe sometimes I can utter a sarcastic comment but, oh,OK, I not only can be sarcastic but I married a sarcastic man and raised 4 sarcastic children.  Get togethers are always fun.

11-12-15Nov 13 – I love Tervis cups and tumblers and getting one with the Grinch inside will absolutely start the Christmas season off right.

img_0247_22618893269_oNov 14 – On this day I got flicker candles that even have a remote.  This is going to allow us to have a romantic atmosphere in our living room, along with 3 doxies and one 15 year old blind Shih Tzu.

11-15-15Nov 15 – I saw this on TV one day and pointed it out to Eric.  I figured that it would be perfect for me to fix my own breakfast on the mornings he teaches.  He laughed at me and that was that.  Imagine my surprise when this showed up.  Do you think he is telling me to get up and take care of myself?  I could but I am enjoying being spoiled.

11-16-15Nov 16 – Many years ago I became an Agatha Christie fan.  And that was followed by the Christie movies made in England and shown on PBS.  There have been several Miss Marples, of course I only really liked one, but only one Poirot and I’m not sure I could accept any other.

11-17-15Nov 17 – Yesterday Eric gave me this beautiful t-shirt that I am wearing today.  It’s a good message and very attractive, too.

Health Update: this seemed like a good place to say that I saw the oncologist yesterday and he is very pleased with my progress.  So much so that next month he is putting me on a stronger “chemo” pill.  I make sure my family remembers that my cancer is incurable but we are working on quality of life and lengthening the time I have with them. And the good doctor seems to think we are accomplishing that. 

And, since I haven’t received a gift today, Crying face, I will wish one an all a good rest of the week.    Gari


Carrie said...

How fun to get a gift every day! Wishing you a Happy Birthday and many good days to come.

Kate said...

Very fun gifts. Seems Your Guy knows you well.