Thursday, November 26, 2015

Birthday Month Part 3

For anyone who hasn’t been reading my blog I feel I should explain what is going on at our house.  At the end of June my arm broke, almost on it’s own.  I had to have surgery to put it back together which included a metal piece to hold the two pieces in place.  While cleaning up the break the surgeon detected cancer in the bone.  A biopsy confirmed that diagnosis but found it was breast cancer that had migrated to all the bones of my body.  This diagnosis insured that my cancer was incurable but with medication could strengthen my bones and perhaps increase my lifetime.  I opted for medication rather than chemo and/or radiation and have been on two different medications since that time with positive results.  Oh, and I got to have two other surgeries, getting a pacemaker because my heart decided to cut back on beating (27 beats per minute) and hip replacement because the orthopedic surgeon, after looking at the x-rays, decided that there had been such significant deterioration that it was likely to break on it’s own.

Anyway, my husband decided to not take any chances that I might not be here for my next birthday and has made this Birthday Month the best one ever: a gift a day.   

Nov 18:  My husband has a great sense of humor.  And although we don’t feed the dogs from our plates, he recognized this expression as theirs.  And when you have 4 of those faces looking up at you, it is sometimes hard to ignore them.

Nov 19:  I collect glass owls: they can be found all over the house and even in the studio.  So this little crystal owl is a perfect fit.  It even has the body that matches the topaz, November’s birthstone.

Nov 20:  One may have noticed a Daschund bias.  I have had and loved Daschunds all my life and right now we have 3. Thus IU got this scarf.  It is really heavy so when we get those few really cold days this winter, I am ready to face them.  Isn’t he cute?

Nov 21:  What we are looking at are the flowers.  My husband knows that I love getting flowers and these appear to be lasting for a long time.  They really do add a soft touch in front of my owl lamp, don’t you think?

Nov 22:  This is a “giant” dark chocolate bar.  I had just explained to Eric that dark chocolate is good for the heart and this showed up.  Do you think I could convince him that pound cake was good for bone reconstruction?  

Nov 23:  We are decorating parts of our house for the Iron Bowl: we have our children coming and will be dealing with some Alabama”  fans.  So today’s gift is a cute ornament to show our preference for Auburn.

Nov 24:  It’s another sleep shirt and I love it.  Eric has been buying from Christmas catalogs and he is doing such a great job in finding things that I am loving.  I have now slept in this and then I laugh at it when I wake up and look down.  I have to admit though that the dogs don’t seem to be overly impressed.

Nov 25:  This one really made me laugh.  Several times a week Eric has heard me moan about having come from getting dressed but forgot my reading glasses, which I really need.  So I start pouting as I trudge back to the bedroom to get them. I have several pair but he got these for me and is insisting that they be kept in the living room, just in case I forget again.

That’s if for now but we still have a few days coming and that includes my real birthday.  But I cannot tell you how much fun this has been and not only for me, Eric has enjoyed it, too.  And I keep wondering how he is going to top it next year (I do plan to be here).

Happy Thanksgiving everybody,   Gari


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

And I plan on reading about your next birthday too! Your husband has found some really unique gifts for you.

Mary said...

What a fun sense of humor he has! Enjoy the Iron Bowl.

Kate said...

Looks like a very happy birthday month indeed. Your Guy does a good job in getting you fun stuff.

Bonnie said...

Yea for great, fun gifts! I hear you on the college football rivalries. We'll be heading off to a bar to enjoy the USC (that is So. California) vs. UCLA, that other school in Los Angeles. I'd rather stay home and be comfy watching it but being with other SC fans in Richmond will also be fun. Any quilting getting done at your house? I'm all about getting Christmas presents done.