Thursday, July 14, 2016

Completed, Progressing, Next

I got the white hat finished yesterday.  I made it one size smaller but it still is a little big.  The only reason I have been knitting hats is to have something on my head with the hot summer sun beating down on me so size does not really matter.  
It is hard for me to finally believe but the front of this sweater is done.  Now I have to extend the back to match, knit the sleeves, knit the button band, and seam the sides and it will be done.  And I will need to block it.  (Do I block it before or after I seam the sides?)  Of course this means this sweater will not be done this summer (I am a VERY slow knitter) but I will either wear it with a long sleeved pullover or display it on a mannequin.

Now that the hat is finished I am going to start a knitting UFO project.  I have been knitting the sweater in the studio where there are no animals to walk all over me and very few interruptions so I can count the repeats.  In the house I will be knitting socks and probably finishing up sweaters.  I haven't pulled out any of the UFO bags so they will be a surprise to me but I do need to finish things so I can use the project bags for new projects.

And I do have a new project I want to start.
This is called a Tesserino Cowl offered by Louet.  I watched a tutorial video on Very Pink and think I can do it.  I love cowls to keep my neck warm in the winter and this one looks like it will do the job.  But I can't start it until I get at least 2 UFOs finished.

We are expecting to have a quiet weekend so maybe I will be able to get a lot of knitting (and quilting?) done.  Have a great weekend everybody,   GARI

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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Hey, a rewards system works! If I finish 2 UFO'S. ..I can start a new project. My system is usually I can buy more yarn! Good job on making progress! Cheers!

Dar said...

Great job on finishing another hat. I'd say you are a fast knitter compared to me. It takes me forever to finish a pair of socks. I too love the rewards system of finishing UFOs before getting to start new projects, whether it be with knitting or quilting. Hope you don't have too many UFOs. I like that cowl pattern too.

Kate said...

The hat is very cute, love the little flecks of blue and yellow in the yarn. Good luck with your UFO plan.

Judy D in WA said...

Look at you go! Remember that you weren't even knitting until just a few years ago. Love the sweater progress. It will be finished before long. As far as blocking, I'd say after but I don't know for sure.
Love the cowl!