Friday, July 22, 2016

Close to Finish

 I am so excited, I am very close to being done with this sweater.  I only have 19 rows left to knit on the back.   

 These are the sleeves and as you can probably tell I have a lot of rows to knit before they are done.  I have been knitting the sleeves in the house and the body in the studio and nothing on a UFO.  I really want to get this done: I did send for yarn for the cowl I want to start so I have to get this project done and done.

No, I am not knitting this sweet child.  He is our youngest grandchild, Gus, and yesterday was his birthday.  He doesn't live close to us and doesn't know us but every time I see that sweet smile I feel kissed.

Our weekend is planned: some knitting, some quilting, some yard work, and some house cleaning.  A little work and a little fun and then the weekend will be over and back we go to knitting, quilting, teaching, cleaning, and a little fun.  We live quite an exciting life.  Gari

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Dar said...

The sweater looks wonderful. You will be wearing it soon and getting lots of admiring comments, I'm sure.

Your little man is very cute. Too bad he is not closer to you so you can kiss those sweet cheeks of his.

Bonnie said...

That's a cute little sweater. Good for you for sticking to your projects. I've got too many started knitting projects and not that many finishes.