Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sweet 16 and My Christmas Cactus Farm

 The above are parts of Block 2 of Esther Aliu's Sweet 16 BOM.  I am only four months behind but this is my attempt to try to catch up. 

 This is a picture of the five blocks we have gotten so far.  I completed the first one (top left) and the above parts are part of the second one (lower left).  But look at all the bits and pieces that go into the next three.  As I see it I will be able to use a lot of the scraps that I keep "just in case."  I have the long tan parts fused together and just need to fuse them to the "cake" base.  I have the pink frosting fabric picked out and the pink and white cream topping also.  I should have this done by the weekend and then I will be starting on Block 3 (top right)  Hubby is really looking forward to that one because of his love of donuts.

Over three years ago I bought a Christmas Cactus at Walmart.  I anticipated that it would die before Spring as some had done previously.  It, however, not only lived but thrived.  It lived in the bathroom during the winter but out on the deck the rest of the year.

So the next year I went to Walmart and bought a second one.  And this one has done equally well.  And in fact this year the "leaves" are getting bigger and thicker.  I am so proud of them.  The first one blooms bright pink and the second white.  And the both of them bloom both at Christmas and again in the Spring.

But last year I was still pretty weak and unable to shop at Walmart so there was no new plant to keep the streak alive.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when my sister told me that she had been given a cutting from our Grandma's plant.  I have nothing from my father's family so when my brother in law got a cutting from their plant for me I was overjoyed. 

This pot is only 1 1/2" high (I can't remember where I got it) and it seemed just the right size to root my new cactus.  I have it sitting in the bathroom window but move it when the sun shines directly on it and then put it back for indirect sunlight.  When we get roots she will be replanted and take her place on the deck.  Makes me smile.

We usually live a very quiet life but we seem to have several family members planning to visit next month.  Last year we had a family reunion here for the Iron Bowl football game (Alabama vs. Auburn).  I didn't do anything except smile at everyone but I really enjoyed having all my children here.  Next month we are looking forward to distant cousins and possibly even my sister and brother in law.  Additionally our granddaughter and her family will be here and we are hoping that a grandson and his family will be able to be here, too.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  Of course after they all go hubs and I will have to take a 3 day nap.  Gari

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I am so happy to know your cacti have survived and are doing well. Mine give me such pleasure and I know you are loving yours as well.

Kate said...

Very fun blocks. Looking forward to seeing your sweet blocks show up on the design wall.