Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fun in Alabama

I am almost done with my pillowcases.  One is ready for the final pass on the French seams.  The other is about to get it's first seam.  I like French seams because I like the neatness, even more than surging them.  I think this comes through my mother and grandmother.  Grandmother was a professional seamstress as well as a sewing teacher with Singer for many years.  And her daughter, my mother was an excellent seamstress.  She made all of my prom and graduation dresses and I must have been the best dressed girl there.  Unfortunately I did not inherited their skill.  It isn't that I couldn't sew, I just didn't like it so I have done very little garment sewing.  But give me a straight line and I can sew with the best of them.  😛

The above is my plan for the first charity quilt since I got sick.  I plan to use a disappearing 4 patch in multiple fabrics.  This is the beginning of using my stash: these are chosen from my "fat quarter" drawer.  I have two big dresser drawers of these sized fabric pieces: I have a long way to go to use them up. 

And this is how far along I have gotten with my new sweater.  Knitting the two fronts at the same time takes quite a long time but I will feel really good when they are both done.  In about 3 rows I will be adding more stitches on the opposite side for the collar.  Adding stitches will just make the rows longer, oh my.

And speaking of "oh, my," I completed the trial for the back pain stimulator and it was removed last Thursday.  The trial went very well with a significant pain reduction and because of that the permanent one will be implanted this coming Wednesday.  I am both excited and just a little nervous.  With the stimulator implanted I will have two devises in me (I have a pacemaker) both made by the same company.  My husband says I am becoming the bionic woman.

Now, lets all have a great and productive week.  Gari 

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Kate said...

Very pretty pillow case! Love those fabrics together. Have fun with your first charity quilt. Bionic Woman? Whatever works to keep you having fun.