Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Quilting Day

I see that other's are posting pictures of Spring and I didn't want to be left out. Although some grass is trying to poke itself up through the dead stuff, this is what I noticed. Here you see little tiny buds on our oak tree. You can also see the hull from an old acorn still hanging on from last fall. But the little buds say that new leaves are not too far away.

Another charity quilt on the frame. I usually don't name
charity/comfort quilts but this one is Under the Sea and I love it.

I quilted it just like I drew it on the white board and I think it came out great.

The top has a kind of sideways meander to emulate clouds or sky
movement. Then we have waves all through the water.

And when we got to the bottom we got "peacock feathers" because they filled the space and seemed to mesh with the "stuff" on the ocean floor. They disappear on the front so I am showing the back. This was a first time for me to do the "pfs" but it went really well, I think. I am learning to quilt a little slower which is giving me much more control. I also worked on the leveling of the frame, which really helped a lot. I don't think I will every get it perfectly level but it is so much better. Anyway, now I only need to get this bound and I will have a finish for February.

This is a peek at a quilt I am doing for a giveaway. Lots and lots of applique. I started it several months ago and put it away when I got tired of "draw, cut, press, cut, press, stitch" over and over again. Yesterday, after hunting and hunting for some pieces, I finally got three more of these done. Now, only hundreds more to go.

But today is laundry and housework day. While the washer, dryer, and dishwasher are all going, I am going to be outside (if it gets warmer) putting this hardware cloth around our deck to keep Abby, you remember her, from jumping through and off the deck. I did buy an electric staple gun (POWER TOOLS) so it should not be too hard but still my hands, fingers, and back and not looking forward to this activity. Maybe I will go have lunch first. LOL


Dragon's Dolphin said...

How BEAUTIFUL your quilt is!! I love it! I have no idea yet how to machine (or hand) quilt so it will be interesting when I get to that point. I think you do EXTREMELY well, you want to teach me? LOL
I'm sure by now your hands and fingers and back are definitely wishing Abby was not at your house--even with power tools, that is NOT a fun job!

Cathie in UT said...

A wonderful give away quilt and I love the peacock feathers as a filler...kind of like ocean currents.
Laundry for me today too...I am behind this week LOL
I am a Monday washday girl.

pollyanna said...

Oh yes your Under the Sea did come out wonderfully! I love the way you quilted it...I knew it would be great. You had such a creative plan for it. And your applique is beautiful. I love the seeminly simplicity of the blocks--not saying theblocks are simple to make, but look so nice on the fabric.

jovaliquilts said...

Those panels do make great charity quilts, especially when so nicely quilted! This is a great panel.