Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today I was doing housework (?), which means that I was in the house and not in the studio. But, as with all work situations, I was taking a coffee break. I decided to spice it up with popcorn and found that all my mini-bags were gone so made a family sized one. Good thing, too. It was one kernel for Buffy, one kernel for me and the rest of the handful for Abby. We cleaned out that bag in no time.

I got them together for the picture but believe me we all ate further apart. Abby is not good at sharing when it comes to food.

This reminded me of when our twins were infants (one born 5 lbs 5 ozs and the other 8 lbs 11 ozs). when I fed them it was 1 spoonful to Lisa and 2 spoonfuls to Todd, 1 to Lisa and 2 to Todd. I guess Buffy and Abby are here just to make me wistful for my babies. LOL

One might think that this picture suggest that I am desperate to find something to put on my blog. However, as I was making lunch I realized that I was practicing my meandering. I also realized that since I have to use both hands to squeeze the mustard out, it was not unlike guiding the LA. Cool, huh?
Several weeks ago I bought 6 yards of ticking (60” wide). Today I washed, dried, and ironed it, not an easy task. Then I cut a 12” strip off of the long side. The plan is to make new leaders for my HQ. I used to have several sized leaders but decided I needed some that were stronger. After reading some posts on a yahoo group, I have decided on about 5 different sizes and should be able to get all of them out of the ticking and still have some left over. Tomorrow I will serge the cut side and then sew on loop side of Velcro to attach to the poles. Then I will do it all over again until I have enough for all the leaders. I wonder if I will be able to count this as a project completed for the UFO/WISP challenge? But when I have the right ones made I will be able to load my Under The Sea charity quilt and get busy on that.

So, what is everyone doing for Valentine’s Day? Right now we have no plans: I do hope that changes.

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Kris said...

Mustard meandering works for me! Have a fun Valentine's weekend- I'm going to make a fun breakfast in the morning, don't have specific plans after that.