Saturday, February 28, 2009

This has been a very busy week. Thursday I
finally got busy on the deck rail project
affectionately called “keeping Abby in.” I went through all of our wire cutters (5) and decided that these were the best.

Then I got out the new electric staple gun and found that the @#%@& guy at the hardware store sold me the wrong size for the gun he sold me. So a trip to the hardware store was arranged and just to make it worthwhile I also did the grocery shopping.

After a late start I cut and stapled six sections of the deck rail. I left four, that I don’t think Abby can easily get to, for another day.

Here is Abby and Jessica, our Maltipoo, wondering why they can’t just tick their heads (and bodies) through as they have before.

However, despite the fencing that takes away some of their fun, they really have enjoyed running free on the deck while I sit on the swing and read.

On a sadder note, on Thursday night I heard from my daughter that her niece, a 20 year old mother of three under 4, lost her husband in an auto accident. This wife and mother is also a nursing student and she and my daughter have become very close while studying together. All Thursday night I would wake up thinking about this little family and what could I do: I do not know them personally. However, Friday I had to go to Pensacola for a professional meeting and went from there to my favorite fabric store where I bought these.
My plan is to make rag quilts for each of the children using these fabrics. I will be putting aside all of my current projects as I would like to have these done as soon as possible. I have only made one rag quilt, a denim one for my DIL several years ago, but I don’t think it should take me too long. However, with three to make, I really wish I could afford the Accuquilt Go cutter. Wouldn’t that be loverly?

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pollyanna said...

I am very sorry about your daughter's niece. This is tragic. I am sending the family positive energy.

And I like how you have fenced in the deck. While it takes away from that open feeling, it also looks nice and the dogs are just as happy to be outside!