Monday, February 9, 2009

Working on Bits & Pieces

Sunday I really applied myself. I worked on an embroidery quilt block swap: cut fabric for 12 blocks and embroidered the centers for 4 blocks, aee picture to the left. Today I got an email saying that the embroidery design I am doing is not right and I need to use the corrected design. First thought? What!?! I had cut all the fabric for the squares and there isn't anymore. But on second thought I decided to go to the quilt shop tomorrow and buy more fabric (what a shame) and I will use the four squares for corner stones or something when I put my quilt together.

My LQS is doing Eleanor Burns' Egg Money Quilts as a BOM, so I joined. Today I decided I needed to get my block done so I didn't have it to do at the last minute. Now, I have to say that these are not my favorite fabrics as I am not much of a retro fan. I think I see a charity quilt this time next year. LOL

I also updated my February contribution to the Calendar Challenge. I am trying to get several red and/or pink strips, not easy since I rarely use red or pink.

I thought I needed to add an Abby picture. Here she is playing, and killing, a brand new toy. Tomorrow I will be adding hardware cloth to the bottom of the deck rail. It seems that our little puppy can go between the rails and jump to the ground. So, tomorrow I will be "fencing" her in: I like to let the puppies play on the deck when the weather is nice. We are also going to be looking into putting a fence around an area in the backyard, again for the puppies. We have 5 acres but nothing fenced.

And lastly, I reached goal at Weight Watcher's tonight. I am so happy!!!!


Dragon's Dolphin said...

1st-Congratulations on getting to goal weight. I know you're proud.

2nd - The embroidery on that quilt square is BEAUTIFUL--wrong or not it is beautiful!

3rd-I agree, the retro fabric is not the prettiest I've seen.

4th-I LOVE the fabrics in your calendar quilt for February! It is going to be so cute!

5th-Abby is just too darling!

Leanne said...

Congrats on reaching goal and Abby looks too cute destroying that doll.

Pat said...

Congrats on the weight-loss goal!!! Also enjoyed your other photos...but was sad for you about the problem with the first few embroidery blocks you made. *sigh*

Kay said...

Retro fabric isn't my choice either. But I do like the Rosebud block.