Monday, July 5, 2010

Hurray for the 4th of July

If you are only looking for Design Wall Monday, skip to the end. Otherwise here is my story:

21 years ago I moved to FL where I started working on our retirement home. Within a week I decided that the two trees in our backyard were perfect for a hammock. For 17 years I spent lots of time outside, resting and reading on that hammock. Then 4 years ago we retired and decided that there were too many hurricanes in FL so we stayed in AL. Well, last week I suddenly realized that I missed my hammock (didn’t bring it because it really looked terrible after 17 years out in the weather). So Thursday, off we went hammock hunting and found a great one. Back home, while DH made dinner, I put the stand and hammock together and

then I decided to try it out.

Now I already knew it would stretch and would need to be readjusted several times but this was more than I expected. And I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t even stop DH when he ran for the camera. Saturday I sat, redid the chains, sat, redid the chains, and sat and redid the chains until I finally got it up and ready to go.

Then I spent a couple of hours enjoying the fruits of my labor.

This is what I love to walk out to. Isn’t it beautiful?

Now, on the quilting front, I won a giveaway Sandra Henderson and my winnings came this week.

The author is Cherri House and the quilts are all very geometric and made with solids. My first impression was that her quilts are very different from what I do but as I continued to check the book out I realized that this just might be my next challenge. Thanks again Sandra.

Yes, this is the finished baby quilt top. And I even have the backing done. I have two other tops that need backs and quilting and I really want to get them done first so for the next day or so, all my sewing will be making backs, bindings, and sizing batting. I have got to get quilts on the frame or I am going to be one of those people who has stacks of tops and no quilts.

But before that I think I will go outside, lie down on my hammock, and read a while.


  1. The hammock looks wonderful. I have one very similar but the mosquitos here are so bad....

  2. Oh, I remember our hammock. We had one in our backyard when I was growing up. I loved to lie in that hammock and read. And it was under a huge tree so great shade for it. Now I live in a townhouse so there is no room for a hammock. Thanks for letting me visit yours.

  3. aren't those 'can't stop laughing' moments wonderful? they say they extend your life expectancy.

    I like the pattern you used for the baby quilt.

  4. Ohhh, the hammock is fabulous! Looking at the first picture before reading just made me laugh out loud! How fun.
    Love the baby quilt.

  5. OMG! That photo of your new hammock with a quilt and a pillow looks so inviting...I'm dying to lay down on that thing!!!

  6. Love the hammock..we used to have one at our summer place and don't have one here...and we miss it. Love the quilt you have on that hammock, too. The baby quilt looks very good!

  7. Your hammock is so beautiful! We don't have much weather here that allows use of one. I'd be eaten and carried away I'm afraid. ENJOY!

    Oh, I am a traditional quilter also. However, I think I'll enjoy the book for my daughter, and she'll probably bring it home with her when she comes to visit. I like the idea of the book though. It does inspire you to see quilts all around you...
    Perhaps even makes you look at the pattern in your hammock.. Hmmmmmm... :)

  8. Loved the story about the hammock. That would happen to me aswell.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  9. First, the hammoc looks devine!!!'s a definite! I MUST make a D4P!!!!! There is something about a two-color quilt and "simple, yet amazing!" pattern!

    I LOVE the solid sashing!

  10. And, of course, everyone has a beautiful handmade quilt on their hammock. ;-)

  11. That hammock looks awfully inviting!

  12. your hammock looks wonderful..........perfect spot to spend a few hours relaxing.......

  13. I just love the hammock. The only problem is, I wouldn't last 3 minutes reading there. I'd be out like a light.
    Enjoy it!

  14. I look forward to taking a nap in that hammock! ;o) 0 DS#3


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