Thursday, July 15, 2010

The first thing I have to do is thank Mary at Mary told me how she quilts Baptist Fans, freehand. I have to say it took me quite awhile to understand what she was telling me but on Monday I had a “light bulb” moment.

And so I began to quilt.

I did mark each row in 2” increments, just to help keep me on track.

And I quilted some more.

Do you see a problem there? See the wiggle in my fan? It shows up at the same place on every row and I have decided it is a scar on the rail somewhere. I will be calling HQ next week to see what can be done.

However I kept quilting and finally got it done on Tuesday.

Wednesday found me gearing up to begin a new Weight Watcher’s meeting. I had agreed to one and while I was stocking for that group I was asked if I would take on a second group. So home I came with lots of literature, paperwork and WW products. I start the first group tomorrow: it is 30 miles from home. The second group will be starting next Thursday: it is 75 miles away. I am wondering if I have cracked up. But I did tell DH that I will have to give up doing any housework in order to have time for my WW classes/paperwork and sewing/quilting time.

Anyway, this morning I sewed the binding on D9P#6 and he is finished.

And see how good he looks relaxing on the hammock.

Have a great weekend!


vivian said...

I like your BF! Another way to do them is to purposely "wiggle" the machine so there are wiggles along the whole fan! I think BF looks great on any quilt!

Mary said...

It's hard when there's a problem with the rail or wheels that causes the machine to veer on it's own but you did good in spite of it.

Roslyn said...

I love to do freehand BF's they are fast & effective.Very good on vintage quilts & those busy Bonnie Hunter mysteries with all the tiny pieces !