Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Fun

The first fun was when our puppy found a partially grown kitten. And just like the cartoons, as Abby charged forward (only wanting to play, I’m sure) the kitten swiftly climbed a tree. Here we see her up in the tree.

And here she is telling me to go away so she could figure out how to get down.

When I went out an hour later the kitten was gone and we have not seen her since.

And the second fun? I finished quilting Going Dotty!

Here it is coming off the frame.

And out in the sun.

And showing the backing.

And here are my two binding choices.

And last: I learned that I tend to bend my wrist and a funny angle as I am guiding for the panto. In order to correct this (as it was causing pain) I put this brace on. It keeps me from bending my wrist at all and I finished up the quilting pain free. Learning that was fun, too.


  1. I use one of those braces when my carpal tunnel acts up. AND...I know you didn't ask for my opinion, but I'm going to give it. I think the scrappy binding that uses the fabrics from the front of the quilt is best. It just lets the FUN continue to see that along the edges!

    I'm glad the kitty got out of the tree.

  2. Oh my gosh, that kitty looks just like our Sassy, especially the facial markings!

    Love the quilt. I'm a dotaholic :-).

    Hope the brace helps your wrist.

  3. i'm with pat, like the scrappy binding

  4. I like the dots for the binding.

  5. So which fabric did you pick?!? I like them both and would probably use some of all the fabrics if it was my binding!
    The quilting looks fabulous...glad it's pain-free now!


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