Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mid Week

Well, here I am, finally getting back to at least twice a week posting.  You can blame Esther Aliu for this.  She has started a WIP Wednesday on her blog.  So I decided that if I want to be a part of things I need to get back to Wednesday blogging.

I have been somewhat busy.  I got a backing sewn for my JR quilt and got it all on the frame yesterday.

JR on Frame

That's as far as I got but Friday I will decide on the thread and pattern and maybe even start the quilting.  It should go fast and then it can travel with us next weekend.

16 patch comfort

I also finally cut the white squares to fit in with the 16 patch leftovers for a comfort quilt.  I have the top two rows sewn, not together, and plan to finish the rest this weekend.  Right now it is only 36x48 so it will need a couple of borders before I can call it finished.

And I did something that is unusual for me.  I cooked.  This is not my creative bent but my DIL posted what she was making for dinner and it sounded good to me.  I changed it a little to fit my Weight Watcher’s points (and what I had on hand) and look how my Ange’s Oven Fried Chicken turned out:

Ange's Oven Fried Chicken








Isn’t that beautiful?  I must say that those chicken breasts were huge so we split one, and look how I packaged the other:


I wanted to remember where I got the recipe when I find it again in the freezer.  

Today was my last day to lead one of my WW meetings and I am feeling a little down.  I hate closing a meeting when there are still some people who want to continue but we just don’t have enough to keep going.  I also feel I am loosing friends who are helping me as much as I am helping them.  But they have the tools and a list of other, further away, meetings where they can continue so we are all moving on.


Esther said...

Blame accepted! I need my WOW to keep me on my WIP list but I do admit, the weeks just roll by! Your quilts looks great and so does the chicken!

andsewon said...

Pretty quilts! That chix does look yummy. Yes it is hard when supporting groups have to move on. Maybe you all could meet up for catch ups once in a while.

Wilma NC said...

YUM!!! The chicken looks so good!!!! Your quilts too.

Kari Nitzel said...

Your quilts look great! And so does the chicken, do you want to share the recipe?

Bunny said...

Love your quilts and fram. I Also would love that recipe, I need to lose about 8 pounds I have gained since I can't exercise cause I tore a muscle in my shoulder and awaiting surgery. Hugs Bunny