Monday, June 20, 2011

Something New & BOMs

Henrietta 5

(I am unable to edit my pictures without losing them so bear with me.)

On the design wall today is the Henrietta Block 5 and……………

Henrietta 6

Block 6. I am finally caught up, yippee!

Crazy Cats 1 & 2

Also on the wall are blocks 1 & 2 of Crazy Cats from I have been saving them all year but recently decided they will be a great Christmas gift so into the mix they went. The trouble is that I was having trouble finding time to get them started. Aren’t they cute? They will have embroidery on them later.


Also on the wall is Block 5 of Boot Bash from Molly’s Place. I fell behind on this one, too, but I am getting caught up.

I also worked on a new project, a Jelly Roll Race quilt.

Jelly Roll Race 1

This is me sewing the strips together: I can’t remember which Moda line it is, but it is bright and cheery.

JR center finish

Here is the center, finished. I was really surprised at how big it was. But, as is my want, I thought it needed a little bit more.


And here it is, a finished flimsy. The inner border is orange stripe which will also be used for the binding (you can almost see the binding strips on the hanger). I hope to get it on the HQ this week as I would love to take it as a handwork project (binding) when we travel later this month.


And this is Ms. Murphy, lounging. She was sound asleep and for the life of me, I couldn’t see how she could be comfortable.

Now, after you finish laughing, don’t forget to pop over to Patchwork Times to see all of the other quilty creations being shared.


  1. Love the jelly roll quilt. It looks great with borders. Was wondering why the plug for Patchwork Times each time on your blog. (Just nosy)

  2. What a cheerful quilt - love the fabric you've used as the outer border! You've been so productive with all of your BOM's. My favorite is the Boot Bash!

  3. Wonderful quilt! I really need to try that method. Ms Murphy looks like I feel when I try to get up some mornings :)

  4. love the colorway your using for H. Whiskars. Your jelly roll quilt is great I have one as a flimsy too but not quilted yet
    your kitty pic is hilarious--looks like she fell asleep during a 'wake up stretch' too funny.

  5. You have been so busy! Love the jelly roll quilt and Ms. Murphy is fabulous!

  6. Gee whiz you are busy!!!! Looks like you have fun.

  7. Great Henrietta blocks!! I am behind on mine and need to get caught up. Laughed so hard at Ms. Murphy. Cats are just plain weird sometimes:)

  8. Oh my gosh, that is the funniest photo! Henrietta is coming along well too.

  9. Jealous over here of all that you've gotten done this week! Ms. Murphy was just trying to stay cool on the tile floor!

    I'm planning on doing a 1600 quilt soon but I think I'm going to pick my own fabrics since I have no jelly rolls around! All your boms look great! B.

  10. Cute applique blocks! You've got a lot going on with all the different designs, what fun.

    Love this jelly roll quilt--sometimes they don't turn out very eye-pleasing but this one is.

    Hilarious lounging cat, thanks for the laugh!

  11. Murphy is hilarious. Like my dogs, she must like to be inconveniently underfoot.

  12. Ms. Murphy is hilarious, just like my Malee. She is siamese and she loves to sleep upside down, I need to try and get a picture of her.
    I love the brightness of the jelly roll quilt.

  13. Lots of eye candy on your blog today! I had to check out Molly's Place...those boots are very fun! Love the strip quilt...your version is one of my favorites but it might be because I really like those fabrics (and orange!).

  14. Your jelly roll quilt is one of the best I have seen - I am using that fabric for the Birdie Stitches BOM. I can't believe all the progress on my BOMs - great job!

  15. Love the jelly roll quilt. That border is perfect for it too.

    Your cat gave me a good laugh. No, it doesn't look comfortable at all, but it sure makes a great picture.

  16. Ms. Murphy looks like she has had her bones removed. How can those cats drape themselves like that?

  17. Love the color gradation in the jelly roll quilt. Very pretty! All of your BOM's are cute. Wow you've been really busy!

  18. I too love the jelly roll quilt. I need to find the instructions for that, have seen it several times now. And I know exactly how Ms Murphy feels, that is how I felt when I started to get out of bed this morning, like, "oh no, just five more minutes!"

  19. I've seen that jelly roll race quilt and have thought about doing one. looks fast and easy!

    Ms. Murphy would be right at home with my Miss Holly. She also sleeps in the strangest positions.


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