Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In the Beginning of Fall

Fall's Beginning


How do we know it is Fall in the Deep South?  Well our leaves do turn, more of a rusty brown than bright yellow and gold, but they do turn and fall all over the ground.





excellent view

But even more importantly, football fanaticism begins.  So where did we find ourselves last Saturday?




At Auburn University for the first game of the 2011 season.  As some of you may know, and other don’t care at all, Auburn won the National Championship for 2010.  Everyone knows this is not going to happen this year but it doesn’t dampen the school spirit.  Just look at the picture above again and you will see a sea of orange, my favorite color, which was the cheering fans of Auburn.


section 48

And where were we?  Well, see the third light pole from the right?  Well, our seats are just a few rows under that.  We got all our walking exercise walking up the ramp and then the full 30 additional steps to the row we sat on.  However the view was terrific.  And, the weather was perfect: full sunshine, not too hot, and a great wind that kept us cool. 


A sea of orange

Now, it wasn’t the best Auburn game we have been to (1 a season) as we were behind most of the game (which we were 22 point favorites) but in the end we won and that’s what counts.  And, as you can see, it was an enthusiastic crowd that did all it could to cheer our new and very young team to victory.  Great Day!!

On the home front, there has been no sewing or quilting.  I am hoping that will be changing but probably not until this very busy week is over.  Yesterday I helped open a new Weight Watcher center where I am scheduled to lead three meetings (Tuesday 9am and noon and Saturday 9am).  Also tomorrow I go to my last meeting where I drive 360 miles.  I have been leading that meeting for 1 year and have really mixed feelings about leaving them in someone else’s hands.  However, I will not miss that long drive every Thursday.

On the home front, I caught Ms. Murphy, again, being cute.

Hoppy Fan


I call this her “suck up” pose.  DH is a Hoppy fan and now Murphy seems to be also.




Cat with a view

And here she is trying to tell me that she, too, can get a good view from the high bleacher seats.  DH was pretty sure that wagon train lamp was going to tumble as she came down from her perch but she wiggled around it and it stayed put. 

Well, that is all from our home front.  Today I hope to at least see the inside of the studio but most of the day will be spent getting all my WW stuff here ready to hand over tomorrow.  It will be nice to get some of my space back, not to mention a large portion of my trunk.

Thanks for visiting and come again.   Gari


Esther said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend. It can't -all- be sewing and quilting! I notice that your Ms Murphy has a lot in common with my own slinky hide out positions cat!

Glenda said...

Wowwwww what a crowd, that something we do not see way up here in the F.North!!!!! Isn’t it funny how cats love high places???? He's not sitting on the quilts but very close, it’s great storage area you have for them. Cheers Glenda