Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Decorating Started

12 days and fireplace

We are a little late getting our decorations up but this at least we are started.  And I started with the quilt above.  Is called The 12 Days of Christmas and was a BOM from Esther Aliu last year.  I got it done right before Christmas but couldn’t find a place to hang it.  This year is different, it got the place of prominence and I am so very proud of it.  The ornaments, called baubles in Australia, are detachable: they are held on with velcro.  Each one is appliqued with very tiny pieces of fabric.


023 (2)      017 (2)









And each gift at the bottom is custom quilted according to the fabric used.


029 (2)





Today will be sewing, quilting and decorating.  Even though it is chilly, raining and windy outside, it is going to be a great day at our house!!


Pat S said...

Very nice Gari! It looks great. I gave mine to my dil last Christmas, she loves it, but I miss it! Maybe next year I will make another. PatS

I'm Myra said...

Oh wow! Love it! It is wonderful Gari!

Wish I had come across that 12 Days of Christmas BOM last year! This is the first I've seen of it!! Funny how things like this can be missed.. 8(

Bunny said...

Beautiful Gari Love it.

Judy D in WA said...

It's fabulous!

Glenda said...

Ohhhhhhhh what a beautiful quilting job you did on this quilt, I have just sandwiched mine to quilt for this Xmas. Yours is truly lovely. Cheers Glenda

Esther said...

I love how you've made this, it's looking wonderful, so festive and beautiful.

Your baubles are really great too! I think next year I will design some new baubles, perhaps a nativity scene. My quilt is hanging in my home at the moment, I really love it!