Monday, December 12, 2011

Design Wall? Maybe Tomorrow

As I left my studio last evening I was able to say, “Now I can start a new project.”  Why, you say?  Well, it is because , as of Sunday evening, I have all my Christmas gifts finished.  This afternoon I will finish the wrapping and packaging and Tuesday I hope to have everything in the mail. 

And the most exciting part……..I will be able to finally work on something I can show.  I have a couple of ideas already and even have some new fabrics just waiting for me to make time for them.

If your read my post of Dec. 9 you know that I have begun a new creative outlet.  This past weekend I worked on revising a chicken pot pie recipe and bought ingredients for both apple and pumpkin pies.  The only problem with creative baking is that, unlike a quilt, the pies disappear, quickly.  But the good thing is that I can make them reappear almost as quickly.

Now, please join me at Patchwork Times to see all the beautiful things others are making 


  1. Good for you for finishing all your gifts. I still have a couple of small ones to finish....but we had Christmas with Tara and family this past weekend, so now I have a lot less preparations to do and can relax with the rest that needs doing! That little tree wall-hanging in your blog header is really cute.

  2. I have a very few gifts done so far. Now that Dutch is gone I can concentrate on finishing up the few small ones I had planned.

    glen in louisiana

  3. =) I'm leaving smiley faces to let you know I've been here and read the post, but can't get my fingers and brain to work on some witty comment....

  4. congrats on all your finishes. I just put the last box in the mail this morning and just a few things left to wrap for local, a good feeling.

  5. congrats on finishing-what a great feeling.
    I read your pie post...what a great idea. Today is our 30th anniv. and I only started making pies a year or so ago. My mom was a stellar pie baker so it was very intimidating to even try.
    have fun with the new recipe book!

  6. Pie making! What an ambitious project. But, oh so fun to eat up the makings!

    Congrats on your early finishes.

  7. Sounds like a great creative outlet. I am afraid they would stick around too long at my place. Stick around my hips that is. Have fun.

  8. Haha!! I feel like that, too! Creative cooking is more easily replaced! Have fun, Gari! :)

  9. Congratulations on getting your Christmas projects done!


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