Monday, December 26, 2011

The First Day After Christmas

giveaway quilt

And this is what is going on the design wall today.  If you read this post you already know that this top was not made by me but I won it in a giveaway. 

I am putting it on the wall so I can look at it while I sew this quilt together.


I gave this to DH for Christmas, a box of blocks.  He loved the cats and so I am now ready to put it all together.  This will be my first new quilt of the new year and DH will be warm with his Crazy Cats each night.

Christmas Eve was a personal one for DH and me.  We watched Magoo’s Christmas Carol, again, a DVD of a musical program at the Vatican, and another DVD of a Christmas program with the Lettermen.    All of this was going on while we ate dinner and then opened gifts.

Cradle gifts

And this is how our gift cradle looked when we began.  This is our collection of gifts from family (living away from  here) and from/to each other. 


I am going to show some of the gifts we received. Although I will be referring to our children, please know that we also include the wonderful wives of these sons of ours.


Todd & Jessica 2

DH was really excited when he got this book about the making of Magoo’s Christmas Carol from DS#3.  It has been a family tradition since our middle aged children were very small.  We even used to  watch a really bad VCR tape we made when we realized the major networks were no longer showing it.  We now have a blueray version and all of us can sing the songs along with the show.


Kevin & Ange 2

From DS#2 he got a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  This has also been a family favorite Christmas show: DH plans to use this tree in his office next year.


from me 2

And one of the gifts I gave him was this shirt.  He is known for his t-shirts and this will be the one he will wear when school starts again in January.


Kevin & Ange

From DS#2 I got this pancake set.  I love the heart shaped spatula.  I plan to make the pancakes this morning (waiting for DH to get up) but first I will have to figure the Weight Watchers points so I can plan the rest of my day.






Todd & Jessica

From DH#3 I received these owl gifts: a card, a tea light, a beautiful weaving, and a cookie.


I collect owls and these two have gone out of their way to increase my collection (except for the cookie, of course).  In my next post I will share the birthday gift that came with our Christmas package.



Waunita & Dung



From my DS and BIL came this calendar.  It is Quilts of Hawaii.









Waunita & Dung 2

These are certainly not traditional quilts and I am really excited to be looking at them throughout the year.  I would really like to evolve into more arty quilts but really need a lot of inspiration because my mind looks for symmetry almost all the time.





gifts all gone So, here we are with an empty cradle.  However tonight our DD and DSIL are coming over to celebrate Christmas with us.  We will have chili, for the men, and oyster stew for we ladies.  Oyster stew was a tradition from my childhood and DD and I love it.  We will also share gifts and each other’s company.  And, maybe, we will watch Magoo’s Christmas Carol, again.


Denise :) said...

What fun, Gari!! I love your little owl things, too. My mom and my daughter both collect owls...such fun! Have fun piecing the cat quilt and I can't wait to see what you do with the Asian fabrics!! :)

Kathie said...

Sure enjoyed all your great pictures.

ANudge said...

Those two quilt tops are going to make great quilts. Enjoyed your post. You got a lot of great things!

Bonnie said...

What a fun bunch of Christmas traditions. Glad you could celebrate twice -- once with Dh and you and again with dd and dsil.

I'm ready to get back to some piecing and the like.

Lurline said...

It is so nice to see families having fun - happy you are enjoying the Festive Season

Gmama Jane said...

Those dresses are from madame Samm's Dress me Up collection!!! I have mine saved for a future quilt. Yours gave me some inspiration! Sounds like your husband is an I correct? I am a retired teacher and DH will retire in May as a High School Guidance Counselor. Dh has been home on medical leave due to injury to shoulder and subsequent surgery from breaking up a fight before school one day in Sept. 34 yrs. of teaching and not one scratch and then this!! Looks like you and DH enjoy time together...good for you!
Blessings in 2012
Gmama Jane

Carrie said...

Looks like you had a nice Christmas. I love how you used your cradle for the gifts. Wishing you a Happy New Year!