Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost Christmas

And so much going on here.
wrapping table
We have been wrapping gifts.  Like my wrapping table?  When not quilting I find that blank space to be quite helpful.  However, I do have a quilt on the frame so I had to get all the rest of the gifts wrapped so I could get on with my quilting.

Look at this package.  Can you see how the edges match up to complete the picture?  I am thinking that doesn’t happen often and especially not to me.

gift cradle
And the packages are piling up in our “gift cradle.”  Both the doll and Santa have had to migrate up as the packages have arrived.

And what was DH doing while all this “Santa” work was going on?  Eric = 3D TV
Here he is watching a 3D movie.  Doesn’t he look happy?  Believe me he is.

turkey pot pie dinner
Earlier this week we had the second of my pies: this time a turkey pot pie.

turkey pot pie
These were really good and will require a return engagement…..after I try something else later this week.

giveaway quilt
And one more thing I just have to share.  This is a quilt top I won from Chris Ballard

closeup 2
16 beautiful dresses made from Asian fabrics.  When I saw the top it reminded me of my grandmother who was a professional seamstress and made the most beautiful clothing.  She also taught sewing for Singer.  Anyway, these dresses are beautiful but I not only got the quilt top but a baggie full of these:
strip close up
These are 2 1/2” strips of more of the Asian fabric.  Chris said that she made the top about 7 years ago but no longer wanted to finish it.  Right now it is lying on my cutting table but will soon be up on the wall so I can “stare” at it for a while, looking at different ways to make this top into a great quilt.  Thanks, Chris.


Denise :) said...

Oh wow, that quilt top you won is GORGEOUS!! I love the fabrics! Your turkey pot pies look yummy. I hadn't thought about doing savory pies with your little pie maker! You can make dinner *and* dessert!!! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to see it made it home! Enjoy and thanks!

Pat said...

What a pretty quilt top you won! I use my cutting table as a wrapping table, too.....good height for me! AND...I thought I was the only one who noticed AND got a kick out of the wrapping paper lining up on the rare times it does!!! LOL