Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BOM Week & Anniversary Plans


Block 3

 This is the week I am attempting to catch up on BOMs.  But, because I was way behind on the Layer Cake Quiltalong, that is all I have been working on, so far.

This is Block 3.  It went together easily.

Block 4


And here is Block 4

This one was really easy and didn’t take much time at all.




Block 5


 Here is Block 5.  I love how the fabrics play with each other and I was able to frame the large floral.




Block 6


And here is Block 6.  This one I had some difficulty with since I didn’t much like it and it seemed to waste fabric.  However, after looking at the original and the example, I figured out how to get it together without using as much/many fabrics as called for.  Now I like it.










So here are all 6 together.  The fabric line is Bliss and I am really liking how the blocks are playing together. 

And now our anniversary.  Next Monday is our 50th.  We had some plans but when our car skidded off the highway in the December 26th snowstorm, those plans were shelved.  My car was “undriveable” and we had to leave it in VA to be fixed while we returned to AL.  This week we have been told that the car is ready and we are planning to return to VA on Sunday and get the car and drive home on Monday. 

Now the funny thing is that as of right now we can only rent a car that we have to bring back, not a one way rental.  What this will mean is that on our anniversary we will be apart for the 14 hour drive home.  Doesn’t seem right or fair, does it?


Chris said...

I love your blocks together. They all work together so well. I have a Bliss LC.....hmmmmmm

Wilma NC said...

Your blocks are gorgeous.

Pat said...

An early Happy Anniversary wish to you and I'm sorry that nasty snowstorm spoiled your original plans. :(

McIrish Annie said...

I love love love the layer cake blocks! And calorie free!

Congrats on 50 years together. We are approaching 28 and I haven't killed him yet! LOL!

Seriously that is quite an accomplishment. Hope you make some lovely plans together after the cars are back in the garage.

Cheryl from Dots Charm said...

I loved these blocks. I think blocks five and six are my favorites. Great job!