Monday, March 19, 2012

Stalled Wall

Did you know that there is a legend that dragons sleep for 25 years at a time?  Well, whether or not that is true, my dragon seems to be sleeping: nothing has changed on the wall.


So this is what I am showing.  She is called the Quilt Diva, first seen here over 1 year ago.  I completed this flimsy 2+ years ago but couldn’t decide how to quilt it so it has kind of hung around, waiting for inspiration.  Well, I decided it wasn’t ever coming so today I will begin ditch quilting around her and then “something” will get quilted in the empty space.




The funny things was that as I was getting ready to put her on the frame I found that there were 7 small “spools of thread” that I had never appliqued down.  So I got that done, the backing-batting-and top on the frame and chose the top and bobbin threads.  I am all ready to start the quilting process. 





Last week I took some time to DSM quilt two placemats that have been sitting around since December 2010, again waiting to be finished.  I had made placemats for family members (6 families) and just didn’t get around to finishing ours. 




The funny thing is that the binding has been ready all this time so it won’t be too long before they are decorating our table.



And for those who remember, I am almost through with my machine embroidery project.  I will probably be posting about it later this week.


So what did you do on National Quilting Day?  I went to a quilt show in Pensacola.  The guild there has some very talented ladies and I really enjoyed myself.  I did take some pictures for inspiration but haven’t had time to go through them yet. 




And I did spend a little money, just to keep the various quilt shops in business, you know.  Two batik backings and a set of precut strips of fabric.  I don’t usually buy fabric at shows but this time they were just the right thing for projected projects.  I also got four spools of Glide thread.  I really like quilting with poly and am partial to pale colors for quilting.  I have never tried this thread but I know the lady who was selling it so I’m giving it a try


Well, up and at’em.  I have a few housework projects to get done and then I plan to spend most of the day in the studio.  Maybe this will be my National Quilting Day, ya think?


soscrappy said...

It s so fun to be in finishing mode. It feels great to accomplish crossing old projects off the list.

Sue Daurio said...

Your quilting Diva is soooo cute. And I agree, you have to keep the local shops in business! I'm anxious to find out how you like the the glide thread. I've heard lots of good things about it, but haven't tried it myself.

Bonnie said...

I've used Glide and like it. It runs like a dream on Ruthie. I also like their Magna Glide bobbins... I have quite a collection of them (10 or 12 different colors...) but I always need a different color. Sigh. So, I just wind bobbins... bummer. I've also recently just tried Connecting Threads Essential Pro thread. It too ran wonderfully in Ruthie. And the price is great. $5.99 a cone of over 3000 yards. It's a poly. I've just ordered 4 more cones in needed colors. I like So Fine also but it's much more expensive for slightly less. I'll need a new thread holder when these come in... or take off the cones I don't like. Sigh! Glad you had some fun shopping at the show! B.

Denise :) said...

oooh, what fun things you're sharing today! Nice of you to help support the local economy that way, Gari! LOL! I can't wait to see your finish this week! :)

Pattilou said...

Always fun to find treasures and finish them up! Good luck on the quilting! It looks like a fun piece to work on!

That thread looks interesting. I've been using cotton connecting threads for piecing and quilting, but I think I'll give the poly Glide a go as I do like the sheen poly gives.

Mary said...

Can't wait to see how the diva quilt finishes out. I love that pattern.

Kim said...

I hope you have a happy day of sewing!
You've been married 51 years! bless you
I would have guessed you for a much younger woman.
Must be that great smile!

Happy Sewing

Quilter Kathy said...

Great quilt show purchases!
Sometimes you just have to start the quilting to see what design emerges!
Hope the dragon wakes up soon!

Rhonda said...

You are too funny. Happy quilting!!!

Melinda said...

Housework - what is that???

ANudge said...

What a nice post. I enjoyed reading about your Natl Quilting Day efforts, and your projects in process (PIPs). Look forward to your finishes.

Bunny said...

Love that Diva can't wait to see her quilted.