Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Monday, Another Design Wall

DW 2-7-11

And here is mine.  The Diva is a quilt top that has been completed for a couple of years.  I decided to put it on the wall so that I would see it and decide how to quilt it.  Next to her is Boot 2 from Molly’s Place.  Can’t see it clearly?  Well, here is a close-up:  Boot 2.  Now isn’t that something?  I don’t know what got into me but the body of the boot is Kaffe fabric that I bought and although I loved it, it never played well with anything else in the stash.  But doesn’t it look great on a boot?  And, this boot is completely appliqued down and ready to go.  Next to it is Boot 1 and above it are the two Underground Railroad blocks for the LQS BOM.

My focus on Sunday was quilting the flannel log cabin.

front 2

I am using a panto from Urban Elementz and Valdani thread.

back 2  On the back I am using prewound Bottom Line: doesn’t it look nice?  I have about four more rows to do but fatigue set in and I decided to take a football break. 

lint 3

One of the reasons for the fatigue is the LINT.  After every pass I am having to clean out the bobbin and machine.  Look at all that lint!  I don’t get that much when I clean out the lint trap on my dryer. 

So now you need to check out Judy’s blog to see what other’s are up to.  Have a great week.


Judy D said...

I looked at the Boot blocks last night and now I'm thinking! Love yours and yes, that fabric is perfect boot fabric! Love the Diva.
The flannel quilt is so fabulous. I love the backing fabric and that flannel lint is something else too. :)

Bonnie said...

Gari: Your boots are fabulous and yes that Kaffi fabric is great there.

I really like the panto on the flannel quilt. And, it sure does leave a ton of lint. I'm going to have to look for this design -- I don't like patterns with heavy quilting -- I like them a bit wider spaced and this one certainly is my style. The grid -- is it over the panto and how do you like it. Any better or worse than just the clear plastic over the pantos?

Lots of fun things to look at here. Thanks for sharing.

Sue Daurio said...

The boots are really something!!

Quilter Kathy said...

What a fun design wall!
Is the lint from the thread or the flannel?

Kate said...

Love the boot! Hope the quilting gets easier!

McIrish Annie said...

I love the boots and if I was a southern or western gal I would definitely want that quilt.. Nice use of Kaffe fabric.

your quilting is long have you had your longarm??

Alycia said...

The diva is great - but I LOVE the boot block - wonder if they make them like that in real life?

Kerri said...

I love the quilting you did on that pretty flannel quilt! I am amazed at how much lint cotton thread produces.

Kay said...

I've been catching up--what great work you've been doing, but the boot is the best! Terrific.