Monday, July 2, 2012

Design Wall Preparation

My design wall was abandoned last week in favor of a vacation trip to North Carolina.  However what would be coming to the wall was uppermost in my mind: please check out my last post.  Here you will see how I worked to make sure I am supplied with the wherewithal to keep that wall alive.

Mary Jo's fabric
I had a great time at Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC.  All of the top fabric is batiks.  I tend to buy darker batiks so I made myself get lots of brights and even some lights.  The bottom three are fabrics that I just couldn’t pass up.

plus thread
Then I added new quilting threads from Long Creek Mills, also in Gastonia.  I tried to choose colors I don’t already have.  These were $4 each and are first run.

Wanda's mug rug and mug
And for additional inspiration I brought home these lovelies from Wanda’s show (again see the last post).  I could find the same triangles in one of Wanda’s pieces so I figured I had brought home a piece of one of her “real” quilts.

All of that happened in one day.  Then we began 5 days of doing this.  Here you see our granddog, Ponce, doing what he does better than the rest of us.

on vacation
Here are the guys, DH and DS#3, doing what they did best…resting.

each own thing
And here is our DIL doing  a crossword.  She made us hunt down new papers every day just so she could work a new one. 

stitching station
And what was I doing while they were all relaxing?  Well, this is my sewing station, set up on the back deck.

hand appliquing
And I began appliqueing the Dragon. 

tiny stitches
See my tiny stitches?  Because of my arthritic hands I can only stitch for short periods (no more than an hour) so I will be working on this for quite awhile. 

I did work on a couple of other projects, one new and one a UFO, and hope to show them later, maybe even on that design wall.

family at play
The week was one of rest, eating great food, antiquing, eating some more, and fun.  I took this picture on our last night in NC.  I was outside, walking Ponce, and the others were inside playing a board game.  I thought this was a beautiful sight, fun with family.


scraphappy said...

What beautiful fabrics. Glad you are making progress on your dragon, some projects are worth the wait.

Mary said...

What a perfect vacation, and your fabrics and threads are beautiful!

Sue Daurio said...

Oh man I want to relax on that porch too! Looks like you and the dragon are having a wonderful vacation!!

Bonnie said...

I agree with everyone. I love the pic of Hubby & DS#3 because your reflection is also in that photo! I love Mary Jo's. Hopefully I'll get down there again after I use a BUNCH of fabric! Dragon looks great so far.

marcella said...

Oh, your appliqué is just beautiful! Next week is my relax and sew week and it's hard to wait! What needles do you use for hand sewing batiks? I've had a real hard time hand sewing them - it's so hard to push the needle through that tightly woven fabric.

Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation! The dragon is coming to life...can't wait to see!
I LOVE the last photo of the significant with your reflection over top of the family. I'm sure you've worked hard (I know I have!) to create these kinds of fabulous lifetime memories for the family.

Melinda said...

Looks like you had a great vacation. Did you work on any hexies? Slow and steady will get the dragon appliqued.

Kate said...

Oooh, pretty, pretty fabrics. They look like little jewels. Glad you got in lots of R&R, plus some stitching.