Monday, July 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday and More

My Design Wall contains Henrietta  Whiskers.  All of the blocks are done and the borders are cut.  Here some of them are on the wall so I could see how they played with the blocks.  Now, nothing is sewn together.  My plan is to sew the cream and small brown borders together first so I can do the applique that is supposed to be on them.  I must say that I usually do not follow the designer’s plans for their blocks but in this case I am going to try to come as close as I can.

Color Challenge visor (2)I do have one finish, this visor.  This is my Color Challenge piece.  And the visor came from a tutorial offered by Vicki.  It is a wide-brimmed visor and is pretty easy to make.  I plan do to a couple more (I do drive a convertible, you know) but will probably make a smaller brim for car use.

purple stitchng
You may notice that my fabric has all of the bright colors and to get the purple in, I used purple thread for the quilting on the brim.

ugly cutting
On Sunday I started cutting my “ugly” fabrics.  I cut strips that should fit the paper piecing pattern I created last week.  I still need to cross cut these strips but I feel I am on my way.

Christmas 2012
And, while I was doing all that cutting, I started on my first Christmas project.  Don’t hate me!  I just got what I think is a great idea, found what I needed so there was no reason not to get started.  And, of course, I am more than a little proud of myself.  Angel

deck seating
I have set up some temporary seating on the deck but now I am on the lookout for a set of rockers.

deck flowers
But while I look I found some hanging basket flowers for the roof.

more deck flowers
I have always wanted hanging flowers and was really excited to find these that offer color in our gray and green world.    I plan for more plants, maybe after I find the rockers.  Can you tell I am still excited about our covered deck?


Quilter Kathy said...

I just love the Henrietta Whiskers quilt! It's such a fun and creative project!

Susan said...

The quilt is delightful...

Good that you have started on Christmas already.... It will be here next week.....(at least it seems like that sometimes.)

Thanks for the link to the visor tutorial...........

I would love to come sit with you....... Could we have tea?

Judy D in WA said...

I love seeing Henrietta Whiskers come to life. And your visor is very cute!
Your deck will be exactly what you want in no time. I believe rockers and flowers on the deck are mandatory. :)

Kim said...

Oh what a lovely porch......rockers definitely and don't forget a table between
them for your drinks and sewing and a little foot stool to put your feet up while stitching.
Anne Sutton comes up with the sweetest designs doesn't she? Henrietta is adorable, I have her all saved and ready to do some day.

Happy Sewing

Bonnie said...

Have you seen the rockers made out of recycled plastic by the Amish? We just bought some and are waiting for them to show up since they had to be ordered. I'll let you know if they are comfortable. Several years ago we ordered some white, traditional rockers from Cracker Barrel. Ugh. We didn't test sit them and they are so uncomfortable for us. Word to the wise. Test sit any rocker you consider! Love Henrietta. You've done a great job on her and your closing in on the finish. The visor is great too. I'm going to save the directions in case I desperately need a visor some day!

ANudge said...

What a darling quilt! I love how creative you were in meeting the color challenge. And I envy you that porch! Gray and green huh? Better than gray and brown which is what we're coming into soon.
Thanks for sharing all your wonderful things.

Vicki W said...

I love your visor!

Glenda said...

Wow you have been a busy lady. Love the covered in veranda, I use mine every day at some stage. Even in winter my back veranda is nice and sunny. Love that sun-visor hat and would love to see your car one day. Cheers Glenda

Bunny said...

Your quilt is wonderful and I love your visor. Have a great time on your porch, hope it is not too hot out there.

Esther Aliu said...

Ooh you have a few things on the go...I love the visor, I made a few some years ago and can't locate them (ahem messy studio..), but they're so handy down my way that I'll have to make some more. Great design wall too, what a sweet quilt!

LynCC said...

I love hanging plants, too - that, and window boxes brimming with colorful flowers. I'll have to see if that can be done when we get our house. Love your visor! Nice and cheery. And it's really easy to do? Maybe I'll try my hand at it. So cool to see Henrietta all up on the wall like that! You're so close now. :) (and nice to see you at BOMs Away, Gari!)

kwiltnkats said...

I wondered where the purple was. Nice visor! Sandi