Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Singing in the Rain

So, I came out of the house and was on my way to the studio when this happened.

Look at that rain!  It has been pretty dry here and the rain has been spotty and short lived.  DH said it was like sitting under a waterfall.

So we took full advantage of being able to sit outside, on our deck, under our new roof, in the rain.  Can you see where the wet and dry is?  One of our puppies didn’t notice the difference until she wandered out into the rain.  She jumped, startled, and hurried back into the dry, shaking all that wet stuff off as she went.  So fun was had by all.

Then, when the 011rain stopped it was off to the studio to get some sewing in.  The first thing I did was complete the applique on the last Henrietta Whiskers block.  I am not embroidering the eyes on any of the blocks as I plan to use crystals but they will not be put on until after the quilt is quilted.  I really like a little sparkle on wall quilts and this one will be hanging in the dining room come Fall.

And here is my Carol Doak Mystery Block for July, all sewn and pressed.  And, since she is traveling, she has already given us the August block.  However, I am putting it a little further down the “to do” list in the hope I can get some other things done.

The last thing I worked on today is the beginning of my Color Challenge for July.  This is a very different project for me but so far I am really excited about it.  I won’t share what it will be until I get a little further along but it is not a quilt but will be quilted.  How’s that for an enigma? 

Now that I think of it, this has been a really great day.  I got everything done in the house I planned to do, I had a really nice call from my mother, lunch out with DH, fun in the rain under the roof, and progress in the studio.  Very nice.


Quilter Kathy said...

So fun to enjoy the rainfall and be entertained by the puppies!

Wendy said...

G'day Gari,
There is nothing better than being able to go outside and enjoy the rain under a wide veranda! It is one of my favourite things, especially in Summer Rain. Enjoy it - Cheers Wendy