Monday, September 10, 2012

I got Nuttin’

on my Design Wall this Monday.  I almost wasn’t going to write but, oh well, here I am anyway.

Teapot 2
Here is what is on my design ironing board this morning.  It is Teapot #2.  I really like the fabric (a really small scrap) but I’m afraid that the lid and spout are blending right into the background fabric.  I’m going to have to add something to make them stand out but, of course, Ms. No Artistic Talent here, can’t figure out how to do it.  It may be that this teapot is making a decision for me.  I haven’t decided if I will stitch these down with my usual invisible zigzag or with a colorful blanket stitch.  I am thinking that a red, to match, blanket stitch would outline her beautifully but that would mean blanket stitching all of the teapots.  Fortunately teapot stitching isn’t in my near future.  Rolling on the floor laughing

In addition to the teapot I did get 5 of my 6 Funky Chickens stitched.  I’m not including a picture since they have been displayed several times before.  And, I did do cleaning in-between each chicken.  I can almost see the top of my cutting table now.  I have pressed and folded several yards of fabric and found/made up several large scraps to go into my fat quarter drawers.

While dealing with scraps I started a new scrap bin.

Meet Mr. Batik Bear.  He came with animal crackers and last week I ate the last two so he was here, empty, and feeling left out.  I am planning on making some batik crumb blocks and he is a great place to put all those little pieces while they wait for me to get started.

He and I spent some time outside yesterday in the very pleasant weather: low 80s, low humidity, slight breeze.  Great for rocking on the porch with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Did you see this plant in the previous picture?  I had it hanging off the porch roof but it has tendrils that climb and attach and when we were expecting a storm I had to cut it down to move it.  I decided that it needed a different place so I have hung it off of the iron maiden that stands outside my studio.  I figure that the plant will climb up her and cover her with leaves and the red flowers that will eventually bloom again.

One more thing.  I took a break from studio cleaning and we spent the day in Pensacola.  I can’t go there without visiting A&E Pharmacy, where they have lots of fabric.

I didn’t have anything in mind when I went so I only shopped the sale fabrics and these are the ones that came home with me. 

The one on the right is going to be the backing for one of my Christmas quilts.  It really is a panel but since there is a child in the home I think he will enjoy the winter animals.

The center is really a brighter green and will be the backing for another quilt I have started but have not taken any pictures of yet.

And the one on the left, which is more of a yellow/tan is for me.  It is a batik: no plan.  The good thing about these fabrics is that they were only $3.98 a yard.

 And this picture is of the reason it takes me so long to get things done.  Just about the time I really get into a project, over comes DH to announce “Break Time.”  And see how happy he is.  Maybe later this week I will post some pictures of the project he has been working on: redoing his cowboy themed great room. 

Yes, I live with Eric, Hoppy, Roy, Gene, Lash, Rocky, Rex, and many more old time cowboys.

Well, the dishwasher has stopped so I guess it is time to move on to other things.  Be sure to stop over to Patchwork Times to see the progress other quilters are making. 


LynCC said...

Pretty teapot, Gari. I bet the blanket stitching in the red will make it stand out nicely. Bummer about it meaning they'll all need it, but it'll look really nice. Fun pic of your hubby!

AnnieO said...

I love that teapot! Maybe you can outline stitch only the spout and lid? Great buys you found there. Sitting on the porch for a break sounds lovely!

Cherie in St Louis said...

Gari, first off, I thought it was a purse block, lol. I think embroidery outlining would solve the problem of bringing out the top and spout :)

Michelle said...

I vote for the colorful blanket stitch!

Sandie said...

<3 the teapot! Where did you find the pattern?!

Kate said...

Very pretty teapot. Maybe you could do just use colored stitching on a few of the teapots. Not all would have to have it for that one to blend in.

Rhonda said...

Hi Gari. So happy you are participating in my BOM. My suggestion to enhance the spout and top would be to add a shadowing fabric that's a little darker than the background fabric. To do that use your PDF pattern as a guide. Trace on your adhesive a little larger than the design. Well I can't explain it on paper....LOL.... so I'll do a post by Friday to show how it's done. But I promise, it's an easy fix.