Wednesday, September 26, 2012


CarpentersStar topThis quilt top has been my only quilting focus so far this week.  As of today I have quilted almost to the center, attempting to learn how to quilt feathers.  To say I am a complete failure at this attempt would be false but to say I am getting any better would also be false.

I first quilted the “over the top” type of feather.  I don’t seem to have the control to stitch on top of the previous stitching.  Also, I seem to make squareish tops of my feathers.

So the next set I tried the more traditional feather.  They do look a lot better, don’t you think?  However I don’t feel at all comfortable doing them.  Maybe I’ll get better on the second half.  Confused smile

I decided to do a small meander in some of the triangles and as a background around the feathers.  Because the thread is variable, it makes an interesting focal point.  Hopefully that will draw the eye away from the feathers.  Angel

Since feathers are not, at this time, my favorite pastime, I spent some time working on the lessons in EQ7.  I am up to doing applique blocks and was really surprised that I could complete the block as called for in the lesson.  I have only two more lessons to complete for the online “class.”  I have learned a lot but the best thing I have learned is how to find things when/if I need them again.

And, true to my retirement plan, I took some time for a snack and a good book.


002So, what was DH doing while I was slaving away in the studio?  Well, 6 years ago, when we moved into this house, I gave him the living room to display his B Western memorabilia.  And, for the last 6 years, I have tried to get him to complete his display.  Well, for the last 2-3 weeks he has been working on it.


He has movie posters in all sizes.  Lash is on a 4’ x 8’ insulation board,


As is Starrett and Burnette.  These posters were situated outside the theaters to attract movie goers.

The smaller posters were inside the lobby.


We have records, books, games, lunchboxes,


autographed pictures, cap guns,


cameras, radios, and any number of other things.

Right now it all looks a lot like a flea market booth but he assures me that it will, someday, be put in order.  Someday……


scraphappy said...

Sorry your feathers didn't quite work out. Maybe they will look better when the quilt is washed.

Kate said...

The feathers don't look so bad.