Monday, September 17, 2012

On The Wall

panel quilt
There is finally something on my design wall that I am really working on.  I ordered this panel from The Fat Quarter Shop.  It is the perfect compliment to my swap blocks, don’t you think?  It comes with an unusual measurement (31.5 x 42) so I will get to play with the math to figure out the setting blocks.  I think I will have to “shop” for a good fabric for them.  I think white with just a little, very little, print.  Of course I will have to find just what I am thinking of: I love shopping for something I’ve never seen.

fused on teflon
I fused my 8th Funky Chicken this weekend. 

A couple of people have asked how I do my applique so I am showing a little of what I do.  For the larger pieces I “window” the fusible.  I cut the center out, leaving only about 1/4” of the fusible and then fuse it onto the fabric.  This leaves the applique more supple. 


I don’t bother to window the smaller pieces and it doesn’t seem to matter.

003 (2)

On Saturday DH and I went to Auburn, AL for the first home game of the season.  It ‘s a good thing that orange is my favorite color, it was everywhere.

On our way in

And of course I love my eagle shirt: I love it.


We even came home with a new toy.

Now, just for fun, does anyone know what this is? 

There is no prize for this.  I started playing with this late Sunday afternoon and it is truly going to be a work in process.

So while I play, hop on over to Patchwork Times so see what others are playing with. 


scraphappy said...

Good luck making the math work out for your Christmas panel. I am sure you will find just the right fabric to make it work. Another adorable chicken! What a fun quilt.

Kate said...

Love your new project. Good luck finding your setting fabric and with the setting math.

Bonnie said...

Great things going on in your studio. The santa panel is perfect with the blocks. Love, love, love the chickens. I do the same thing with my applique and I'm guessing those are the pieces trimmed off of the applique pieces. Have a great week.

Denise :) said...

Gari, lots of fun things going on! Your tee-shirt looks terrific -- I bet you got lots of comments on it, didn't you? I'm so glad they won for their first home game! I bet y'all were sitting on the edge of your seats (if you weren't jumping up and down screaming) by the end of it!!! Roll Tide! ;)

AnnieO said...

That is a lovely Santa panel. I'm sure you'll get the math worked out! The funky chicken looks great. Hope you got lots of compliments on your T shirt. The spaghetti art looks like your fusible window trimmings. Fun!

Vicki said...

love math but mine never is perfectly translated on a quilt layout!! You chickens are great. Love football, hope your team won!

ANudge said...

Those look like scraps from your applique fabrics. Are you making a mosaic? Great Santa panel and you're right, those blocks go great with it. Love your Santa panel. I like your t-shirt too - that Eagle would make a great applique.

ANudge said...

Oops meant to say love your funky chicken too. I like they are so colorful.

Linda said...

AhHa!! I recognize them as the leftovers because I've seen them so often after trimming my applique'. I apply my fusible the same way you do. Gosh I should have saved mine instead of tossing in the trash. haha Guess I better get to doing more applique' so I'll have more leftover stuff to make into something beautiful. haha Thanks for the inspiration.

Cheryll said...

What a great use of a panel... very clever! And the "eagle" is on my "to do" list too! LOVE the chicken... he's my favourite! :)

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the chicken!!

LynCC said...

LOVE that funky chicken. :D Thanks for sharing it at BOMs Away. I have several friends with kids at Auburn right now, so it's fun to see you post about it.

Anonymous said...

Go Auburn! I've been an Auburn fan all my life. I just love them.

Where did you find that Auburn rubber duckie? I have to have one to go with the other 3 duckies I have in my bathroom.

And I think I need one of those eagle T-shirts too!