Monday, September 24, 2012

Wow, it’s Design Wall Monday, again.

And yet, there is nothing on my design wall this morning.
inner border
During the last week I sewed the blocks together and decided on the inner border.  I blogged about this fabric here and am really happy with how well it goes with my swap blocks.

0outer border
And then I decided on the outer border and this past weekend I cut it out and

And sewed them on.  I am so excited at how this quilt has turned out.  During the making I, again, remembered how difficult swap blocks can be: not the right size, no quarter inch seam allowance, poor stitching, pleats inside the block, etc.  However, once I decided that I was going to use each block pretty much as it came, the top came together to be beautiful.  I also got the binding prepared so now it is ready for quilting (once I put a backing together).

And that brings me to the mental block I have been suffering since June.  That’s when Judy at Patchwork Times offered lessons on stitching feathers.  I made my quilt, a Carpenter’s Star, put it on the frame and stitched the top border.

outer border

And that’s as far as I got.  Between the stitch regulator now working and my unhappiness with my feathers, I just couldn’t make myself go back into the quilting room…..until Sunday.

more feathers
You see, I am making two quilts that I want to have done by Thanksgiving.  Both tops are done but in order to get them quilted I have to finish this quilt.  So Sunday I made the stitch regulator work and then quilted one more line. 

back feathers
I am not unhappy with how these feathers look, but I still need to quilt a curved feather as well as a circular feather.  I have given myself this week to get this done: I really need to move on.

And, in between quilting bouts I will be making my funky chicken #9, my color challenge project, and working on my EQ7 lessons.  And, how do I relax?  I read murder mysteries, especially ones that include quilters.  Nothing better than sitting on the swing out on the deck, reading a book and petting a puppy.
Oh, I also spend a little time on the computer trying to get through all the blogs that are posted on Patchwork Times every Monday.  Lots of great stitching going on over there. 


Judy D in WA said...

Nice finish on Santa quilt. That's the exact reason I stopped doing block swaps except for at our retreats where we do a block lottery.
My Carpenter's Wheel is only a top with dreams of becoming quilted with feathers. I must get over the fear of feathers, I must!!
Looks like a busy week ahead for you, enjoy your time on the swing!

Denise :) said...

I like what you're doing! And good for you, pushing yourself on the feathers--your perseverance is paying off!!! I love reading, too -- I'm reading Marie Bostwick's A Single Thread right now! :)

Alycia said...

Your Christmas quilt is faboulous!! Keep working on the feathers - they are looking good!!

Melinda said...

Your feathers are looking good. Keep practicing.

Theresa said...

That's a beautiful Christmas quilt top and your feathers look fantastic, congratulations. I love a good murder mystery myself.

scraphappy said...

Your feathers are looking great! Practice is key to everything. Glad you are getting them done.

Bonnie said...

Love the Christmas quilt. Your fab choice is perfect. As to feathers... I'm in awe of yours. I have better luck with palm fronds....or at least that is what I call them!

LynCC said...

Hey, your Santa quilt looks so terrific! Love your border choices. You go with those feathers!! One day I will be pushing myself to get over me and learn to do them. ;D

JCnNC said...

Your feathers are looking really good and practice is what it takes. At least you made the effort to machine quilt and that is a lot more than I would do. It causes me stress, and I really do not think stress and retirement go together very well so I send my quilts over to Joanne Lenardo to quilt for me. She is one of the more resonable in price and does beautful work. Love your quilts. Judy C in NC

Kate said...

Your Santa Quilt looks great, love your sashing and border choices.

Dar said...

I think your Christmas blocks and Santa look very nice. I understand how you feel about getting lots of blocks that are not all the same quality. I belong to a swap group too and that happens frequently. It is a challenge to get them to "play" together. I love challenges !! ha ha. On your feathers, I think they look pretty darn good to me. I have stayed away from learning the too long. One of these days I will lock myself in the sewing room and not come out until they look presentable. But right now, I don't have that much time to spare. I just finished a cute book with a little mystery and love in it. It's called The Basement Quilt by Ann Hazelwood. She is a local writer and former quilt shop owner, so I was curious about her writing skills. It was very light reading and does get better as you get into the characters. You can finish it in one even or two.