Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Little of This and a Little of That

This week I took two days off from any creative work.  Each morning I would go to the studio, turn the heat on, and then in the evening I would return to the studio to turn the heat off.  I really thought I was going over to work but for many reasons that just didn’t happen.

During that time I got a lot done in the house so it wasn’t time wasted.

The other interesting thing that happened during my time off was that we lost power in all the outlets in our kitchen and dining room.  I noticed it when I went to make coffee and the pot didn’t work.  Now I don’t start the day without coffee so I spent some time trying every outlet and finally took the coffee pot into the living room where it performed wonderfully.

This morning the electrician came and found that the house wiring had come “unplugged” from the outside wiring.  It took only less than an hour to get us up and going again.

Right after that I returned to the studio.

Ready to start

The first thing I did was load the frogs on the frame.  I am going to use a frog panto. 

I plan to start quilting on Saturday since I will be out of town tomorrow. 

CD November BOM

The last thing I got done today is the November block for Carol Doak’s BOM.  It is done is four sections and for the first time I worked on all 4 sections at the same time.  I was amazed at how easy it was and how much faster it went together. 

Tomorrow I will be finishing up my Christmas shopping while doing some birthday celebrating with our daughter. Of course this is still Birthday Month and tomorrow is Lisa’s birthday (along with her twin brother, Todd). My sister’s birthday is the 20th and then the grand finale comes with my birthday. What a great month is this!


Mary said...

I love your Carol Doak block. Sounds like your birthday month is off to a good start!

Kate said...

Your BOM block is beautiful! Some days the creative juices just don't flow.