Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Weeks Half Over

What a fun week I have been having.
This month’s Funky Chicken is bright and cheery.  The only sad part is that there is only one more chicken to come.

And here is November’s teapot.  How classy, huh?  These are pretty easy to do and afford a great canvas to use some really great and different fabrics.

I have been quilting like crazy.
But I must say that quilting a panel is not as easy as doing a panto.


I am trying to make the quilting pretty even on the whole quilt so I am filling in all the open spaces.

036That said, look where I am!  Santa is pretty much done: still have the gifts to do and then it is just blocks and the last borders.  Whoopee!! 

Yesterday I made the executive decision that this quilt does not need another border.  It is 48 x 65 which is just the right size.  So I spent this afternoon putting the backing together  and we are now ready for the frame, when it is vacated.

In between these quilting sessions I got to have lunch with my favorite daughter (I only have one).  We are both celebrating BIRTHDAY MONTH so we had a really good time.  And we made plans to do some Christmas shopping next week, on her birthday: what fun will that be?!?

Like Judy L., I have a chicken picture, real chickens.  These chickens really live next door but it seems we have better bugs than they do.  So every day this little troupe comes through the trees, scratches around, crows a lot, and then goes home.  Of course they return, sometimes several times a day.  The puppies like to chase them but since we keep them on leashes, they can’t catch them.  I don’t think they want to catch them, they just like the chase.

Today I did something I have never done: I ordered Christmas gifts from a catalog.  I usually don’t get any but this year two came and there were a couple of “just right” items in them.  So I jumped on the computer and ordered.  How easy was that?

Well, now it is time for me to start getting ready for bed.  I need all the rest I can get so I can finish up that Christmas quilt and move on.  I am having so much fun!!!!!


Wilma NC said...

I wish I could do custom quilting with my frame, but the Juki doesn't have enough throat space. Love your quilting. I have a grown daughter too, but, alas, she is definitely not the daughter I dreamed about, lol. But, my grandkids and their wives make up for it. One of them MIGHT be moving near me, I hope so. I get so jealous when I read about others doing stuff with their family, lol.

Vicki W said...

If not for catalogs and online I would never buy anything! I love your chicken blocks. They are going to be a great quilt.

LynCC said...

Lovely pot and a very fun chicken to add to the collections! I'm so glad you guys link up at BOMs Away, because it keeps me working on my own, and I get to see so many really terrific projects. :)

Kate said...

Love the teapot! It's fun to have a project that works well with fussy cuts. Sounds like birthday month is still in full swing!