Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun, Busy, Productive: What a Weekend

Friday:  I spent the day in Pensacola with DD on her birthday.  We shopped, ate, shopped, ate, and shopped some more.  Mostly we were looking for Christmas gifts: we have had husband shopping days for the last several years.  We always find “stuff” for the guys but mostly we have fun together and this year was no exception.  We didn’t buy anything big or expensive, just little things that each of them will either enjoy or get a laugh over.

Saturday:  I spent the morning in the studio and started the quilting on the frog quilt. 
Frog quilting
I have used this panto before.  It is quite subtle but a fun addition.  As of Sunday evening I am halfway done, which is really good since I have other things I need to be working on.

In the mid-afternoon I gave up quilting to go to the community college for two basketball games.  I haven’t attended for several years and really enjoyed yelling at the refs as well as cheering for the players.

Sunday:  Back in the studio for more quilting and then some time cutting fabric and doing a little stitching on a secret quilt for a friend that reads my blog.  I have parts on the design wall (which I can’t show) but I did want to share that the wall contains something new. 

Nurse FabricI can show one of the fabrics I am using.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I bought this piece (6 yards) for $3 a yard on sale several months ago, just waiting for the perfect chance to use it.  Today I did some cutting on it but I can see that I will have enough left to do something else with it later.

Since I can’t show the main wall, I thought I would show my 4 teapot blocks that are on a smaller wall in the quilting room.

teapots 1-4As soon as I get the next quilt top finished I will be able to begin the applique stitching on these pots.  Today, as I was looking at them I began to wonder if they would like to have teacups and saucers to go with them.  What do you think?  Just in case I decide to follow though with this idea, I am going to put matching fabric aside so that each pot has an appropriate cup.

New Christmas CactusThis past week I bought a Christmas cactus.  I got it because Wanda at Exuberant Color is always showing her cactus and I got jealous.  Now I have a beautiful, flowering cactus with lots of buds sitting next to my chair and heralding that Christmas is coming, soon.

004But before that I want to wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving.  And to share the Thanksgiving mug rug I won from Rhonda at Ravelly 1.  Rhonda is the artist behind my teapots and several other designs and BOMs.  This turkey is sitting beside my chair, with the cactus, and has been well used in the couple of weeks it has been here.  Once again, “thanks, Rhonda.”

Be sure to visit Patchwork Times for other ongoing projects that frequently can be seen on design walls.


cajunquilter said...

I really got a giggle out of Wanda making you jealous about the cactus. I read her blog also and hubby usually at some point each year brings me home a plant for my sewing room window. I told him the next one needs to be a flowering cactus cause I am jealous too lol.

AnnieO said...

Lots of great stuff, as usual, Gari! Glad you had fun with DD--it is always nice to spend one on one time with daughters :) I think a matching teacup would be wonderful for each teapot. Your turkey mug rug and cactus are terrific! Have a fabulous holiday.

LynCC said...

Oh, I really like the idea of matching teacups and saucers. :) Love the turkey you won!

Bonnie said...

I love your frog panto. In fact, inspired by you I bought a frog panto (I don't think it was this one) but I just couldn't get it to look good. I need a ton of practice when I do a panto. And, I don't practice all that much! Sigh. Love the tea pots. And, your turkey is so cute. Hope you have a happy T-Day.

Denise :) said...

What a lucky win with the turkey! Great job! Your batik fabric is lovely!! :)

Jill said...

Such lovely teapots! I think matching teacups and saucers would be very pretty. Happy Thanksgiving:)

Julianne Emery said...

love your teapots they would make a lovely wall hanging for my kitchen with

Kate said...

Matching tea cups and saucers would be fun. You could go either way, the tea pots alone are gorgeous.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love your Turkey.